Holiday Baking

December 12, 2014

Holiday Baking

I can't believe Christmas is just twelve days away!!  I just had a mild panic attack typing those words.  It's been the crazy at work but I am trying to carve out time to do holiday stuff with the girls.  One of the activities on our Advent Calendar this year was to Bake a Holiday Treat.  The holiday treet we decided on was the Peppermint Pretzel Marshmallow Fudge from Joy the Baker.

The girls love peppermint, marshmallows, and pretzels and chocolate so having all in one treat seemed to be a dream come true for them.  They went to town crushing the peppermints and the pretzels.  After the crushing was done, they spread it on the pan while I melted the chocolate.  I'm sure a bunch of it was gobbled up while I wasn't looking.

After the chocolate was melted, we poured it over the crushed peppermint and pretzels.  Then to top it off, we added more pretzels and peppermint candy and marshmallows on top.

They had so much fun making this.  I think the hardest part was waiting for it to cool and set.  Since we made this at night, I just popped it into the fridge to set overnight.  Of course the first words out of their mouths the next morning was, "is it ready?" and "can we have one for a lunch treat?". 

What are your favorite treats to make for the holidays?  Do you have one that your family makes every year or do you try a new one each year?

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