ZoLidays | Why Ceramic?

August 13, 2015

ZoLidays | Why Ceramic?

After years of using plastic at the dinner table, I was ready to upgrade my children to something other than plastic but not quite ready to move to the same set of dishware that we used. Not because I didn’t think they could handle it (well maybe a little) but really because I wanted them to have something that was made for them.

Enter GULP and NOSH.

I chose ceramic for our cups, bowls, plates, and even food scissors for its function and durability. Not only can ceramic withstand thermal shock – can go from cold to hot and back to cold again without cracking; it also is able to resist transfer of stains or smells of food or beverages.

Admittedly, my children are not the most graceful so there were a few other things that I took into consideration when designing our ceramic tableware. Cups, plates and bowls needed to have features to ensure that they wouldn’t slide around or get knocked over too easily.

  • Wide base for cups were necessary to prevent accidents at the table
  • Silicone was used on cups, bowls, and plates Silicone on cups act as a guide for toddlers to learn placement of fingers and help with grip
  • Silicone on plates and bowls to help they secure on the table
  • Weight – tableware was designed to not be too lightweight to help prevent preschoolers from easily knocking items off the table
  • Cups, plates, and bowls are also made slightly smaller than regular tableware – perfectly sized for smaller appetites

As always, the material we choose is safe so the ceramic and glaze we use for our tableware is free of lead and cadmium.

    GULP and NOSH ... Tableware designed with children in mind.

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