Avoiding the Sugar Rush

October 23, 2018

We love Halloween here at ZoLi HQ - Autumn decorations turn into scary pumpkin displays, the temperature gets a bit cooler, green leaves turn slightly less green (what can we say, we're based in California!), and we get to celebrate fun Halloween traditions! The tradition we most consistently adhere to is candy... LOTS of candy. At the office... at home... Halloween sweets are never in short supply this time of year.


We know it's unavoidable that kids are going to want to get in on the candy action Halloween night - That's why we're compiling a list of tips and tricks on how to avoid the sugar rush! Enjoy and comment below to share your tips on how you keep the candy volume in check this time of year!


Avoiding the sugar rush - Dinner Prep
1. Plan to eat a large dinner with the family before trick-or-treating!  Meals with more carbs (pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread...) will help to fill up your little ones and give sweets less room at the end of the night.


Avoiding the Sugar Rush - Bring Water
2. Hydrate during your walk! Following the lead of tip number one, this tip is all about filling up little tummies to leave less room for candy once they get home. Bring a water bottle along while trick-or-treating and have your kids take a drink between houses - this will also help avoid upset stomachs the next day.


Avoiding the Sugar Rush - Candy
3. Trade your kids' candy stash! Instead of having your kids save their candy for the week, you can trade their candy for other fun activities or items. For example, 20 pieces can buy them 1 extra hour before bedtime...  50 pieces gives them the choice of movie on movie night... and 100 pieces buys choosing dinner for a night!


Avoiding the Sugar Rush - Plan your Route
4. Plan your route in advance. This tip allows you to control how much candy will be collected while also keeping you and your family safe on this night of fun!

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