Throwing a Baby Shower in Quarantine

May 14, 2020

If you’ve been pregnant during shelter in place, there are countless hurdles that you’ve had to overcome. Whether it is finding different ways to communicate with your support system, transitioning to virtual birthing classes, or having to order your olives and ice cream in advance for delivery (is that just us? okay)…

Being pregnant in quarantine comes with many compromises – but one of them shouldn’t be your baby shower! While you may not be able to have the shower you planned, there are several ways to still throw a fun, stress free event for your family and friends can come together and show their support and love.

Here are some ideas that we loved for a socially distant shower – let us know what you did for your shower in the comments below! 

Drive-By Baby Shower

We absolutely LOVE this drive-thru baby sprinkle for our ZoLi mama, Stephanie! All photos via @stephlojo.Stephanie-Baby-Sprinkle-Drive-ThruChances are, your family and friends are dying to see you in all of your glowing pregnancy glory… Grab your quarantine buddy to help out and set up a drive-by booth for some *6 feet apart* face time! Some tips below to make sure your drive by shower is awesome:

  • Decorate! Half the fun of a baby shower is deciding on a theme and enjoying your adorable decorations throughout the day. Have fun decorating your tables, trees, and chairs… anything that you can make festive!
  • Consider goodie bags or take out treats for guests – Who doesn’t love a cute cookie, cupcake, or mini succulent? Show your appreciation with a small treat to say thank you. Just set them on a table that will be easy to grab and go.
  • Set up a gift table – While this may not be a typical shower, guests may still want to bring items from your registry. Set up a table that is easy to drop and go (preferably near your goodie bag table so they can finish up in one swoop!)
  • Have a time window – Creating a hard start and end time will make sure that you’re not waiting outside all day for late guests to drop by. An hour or so is a great amount of time to allow all of your guests to visit from afar.
  • Have your quarantine buddy help out – You may not need to move around a lot for a drive-up baby shower, but having someone to help out just in case is a huge help. Have your quarantine buddy grab gifts from cars, toss out goodie bags, or even just run inside to grab you a snack! It’s your day!

Virtual Baby Shower


Happy hours, birthdays, work meetings… it’s incredible how the world has seamlessly transitioned their every day events to video chats! Showers are yet another amazing event that can be easily moved to a virtual chat. We have a few tips to keep the chat entertaining, light, and fun!

  • Plan games – It may sound easy to just invite guests and send out a meeting link, but having even a loose structure to your virtual shower makes sure all guests are included and keeps the fun moving! You can even send out PDF answer cards for games through the chat function of your video call. Some easy games that can be transitioned to video chat easily are:
    • Guess Who, Mommy and Daddy edition – Make cards with questions that could apply to either mom or dad. Questions like: “who will spoil the baby most”, or “who will be the first to post photos of the baby…” Whoever guesses the most right wins! ()
    • Name That Baby Song – Fill in the blanks! Write out partial song lyrics that have “baby” in them and guests have to fill in the missing pieces. Whoever guesses the most right wins.
    • Forbidden Words: Choose a baby-related word that guests can’t utter throughout the shower. The first person to say the word, is out!
  • Decorations – just because your shower isn’t in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those adorable decorations. And up side is that you only have to decorate one space! Throw some balloons, a banner, confetti… anything that gets you in the shower spirit… to your backdrop.
  • Gifts – Make sure that you register well in advance so that people can send you items off your list! You can even open your presents on camera for the giver to enjoy.
  • Music – Providing some very quiet background music during the event is a great way to set the mood and make this a special time! Make sure to place a test call to a friend beforehand to make sure you have the volume just right.

General Quarantine Shower Tips:


  • REGISTER! - Just because your shower isn’t in person, doesn’t mean that guests won’t want to send their love in the form of a gift. In fact, friends and family may appreciate a virtual list of items that they can easily order online even more during this time!
  • Send out invitations – Let your guests know details of your event with an invitation. You can go full virtual with an e-invite or send out physical invitations for your shower. Whichever you decide, make sure to include the following information:
    • Time
    • Location (or link to event)
    • Registry information
  • Use help that is offered – Labeling an event as “virtual” can sometimes make it sound like it will take less effort than a physical party. On the contrary, transitioning to an online or drive-thru shower may require even more planning. If someone offers to help, make sure you take it!


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