Bay Summer Staycation

July 14, 2016

Bay Summer Staycation

 Playing tourist in your own town


San Francisco / Bay Area is ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the nation but living here, I don’t always make the time to enjoy the sights and activities that thousands of people flock to SF for. How many times have you passed by a park or museum on the way to a meeting and think to yourself that one day you should take the kids there, only to think that once again the subsequent time you pass by. My goal this summer is to start planning out the things that we want to do and start playing “tourist” in our own city.   Here are some of the things that have been on my list: 

  • Alcatraz tour – I got to go to Alcatraz quite quite a bit on school field trips growing up in the Bay Area, but neither of my girls have ever been.  I definitely want to take them to see this historical prison. This one will take a bit of planning since the tours book up fast. There is also a night tour, which I think both Z and L would love. 
  • Walk / Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge – Every time we drive across, either Z or L will ask if we can walk or ride our bikes across it.  This summer, I want to make sure we cross this off our list.  
  • Junipera Serra Statue – who knew that the statue that we pass almost on a daily basis is known as the world’s largest monk.   This is one thing that we always pass and always say “we should go check it out", so this summer, we will.
  • Muir Woods / Redwood Forest – This is so close to us and a great day trip to see some of the oldest and tallest trees in the country.

Hopefully we will get through most of it and if we don’t, its okay. We live here so can take our time getting to these activities.  

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