Bellies, Babies & Bosoms

November 08, 2017

Bellies, Babies & Bosoms

This month, we are visiting our neighbors in California for our retailer spotlight! Bellies, Babies and Bosoms is located in Montrose, California and we love them for their passion for supporting new mothers while also catering to all motherhood needs. Their exceptional customer service is the cherry on top! 

Read on to learn some more about this adorable store!

Bellies, Babies and Bosoms store

Name a song that describes your store’s personality best.

I would say a good song is "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey because its such a feel good song that sparks emotion. That is what we hear customers say when they walk in. We always get complimented on what a feel-good, comfortable environment Bellies is. I think that comes from our staff and the positive attitude. Because just like the song says, we ... "Don't stop believin'...and hold on to that feelin'..."

What inspired you to open your store?

My passion for babies and love of motherhood inspired me to open my store. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved babies. I even took human pregnancy biology classes while getting my BS in Business Marketing. After having my own babies and being a birth doula, I discovered the need for support in our community. So I coupled my passion with my expertise and turned into a business to provide unique baby products, prenatal education, and lactation support for mothers in and around our city. 

What was the inspiration behind your store name?

We wanted to come up with a name that says exactly who we are, with a twist. So it just rolled out of my mouth.... and Bellies, Babies and Bosoms was born!

How do you pick products that you know will succeed in your store?

I study trends, attend trade shows, and listen to our customer requests. Being in business for 15 years, you learn a lot. One platform of my buying has always stayed the same and that is we test every product out before we carry in store. We stand behind what we sell. We carry the best of the best, and we educate our parents about the product. Our staff is fully trained in customer service and they are mothers themselves, so they can relate to the new mom who needs guidance. 

Bellies Babies and Bosoms Inside Store

What is the key to your store’s success?

The key to my store's success is customer service, consistency, and working with gratitude.

What is your favorite ZoLi product?

The ZoLi BUZZ B™ is our favorite product! It is such an easy and innovative way to trim baby's nails safely and quickly!

ZoLi products in store!

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We had so much hearing some more about the Bellies, Babies and Bosoms!  Let us know if you have any other ZoLi retailers you would love to hear from.

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