ZoLi's Camping Checklist!

July 19, 2019

Out of all the amazing summer activities available this year, camping has the potential to be the most fun and cost effective bonding stay-cation! If you've already got your camping essentials gathered, repeat trips only require a small campground fee and some camp fire food. (YUM!) We've compiled a camping checklist for your summer outdoor recreation trips this year. 

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1. Hydration is key! Make sure to pack plenty of water or a water filtration system to make sure you and your family stay hydrated. 

Stay Hydrated Camping

2. A comfortable pack. Whether your backpacking or camping in one location, a comfortable bag to carry is necessary. Look for a roomy rucksack with padded straps for a comfortable fit. STASH is a great option for camping or even a quick beach campfire trip!

ZoLi Backpack Camping

3. Skin Protection - Bug spray and sunscreen are a must! Make sure both you and your family are protected while camping by packing effective sprays. Check out our top bug sprays 2019 list along with our top sunscreens 2019 list for some great pointers to choosing the right product for you!

Bug Spray

4. SNACKS! Camping is all about getting away and bonding with the people you love, which can lead to a lot of sitting around... Make sure to pack healthy snacks for down-time in between meals. Equally as important, make sure to pack them in space-saving containers to reduce bulk when packing. SUMO and THIS + THAT are both great options for saving space AND packing every snack imaginable in convenient towers.

snacks camping containers

5. First Aid Kit - Safety first! While we all hope we won't need it, bumps and scrapes are inevitable when you're having fun! It's always a great practice to have a first aid kit on hand whether it's in your camp box or in the car.

First Aid Kit

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