Happy Chinese New Year! Free Printable Lantern Template

February 10, 2021

Happy Year of the ox! We're excited to start the new year off with some festive arts and crafts. Follow the directions below to make your very own lantern as a Chinese New Year decoration at home: 


  • Paper (colored card stock or plain paper both work great)
  • Scissors
  • Exact-o knife (optional)
  • Printer (or you can trace our templates if you don't have access to one!)
  • Transparent tape


  • Start by printing out a template from below - you can choose a plain design that you can decorate yourself, or the flowers that we've designed for you!
    • Whichever you choose, make sure to print out a "exterior" and "interior" page. You will be needing both
  • Cut out the templates on the guide lines
  • Take the smaller piece and tape it together so it's in the shape of a cylinder
  • Take the larger (sliced up) piece and tape the top around the top of your cylinder
  • Scrunch up the bottom portion of the larger piece and tape that to the bottom of your cylinder.
  • Use scraps to make a handle if desired
  • Hang your creations up for your celebration!


Click to download!

 Flower Exterior: Plain Exterior:
DIY Chinese Lantern Printable Flower Exterior
DIY Chinese Lantern Printable Plain Exterior
Lantern Interior:
DIY Chinese Lantern Printable



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