Gifts for the Hardest People on Your List

December 11, 2018

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we're noticing that the same people are always left to the end of your list! Whether they're picky shoppers or already have everything, some people are just hard to shop for. That's why we've compiled a list of gift ideas for EVERYONE on your list. Comment below and let us know your favorite gift ideas!

For the One Who Has Everything: 

For the person who has everything, we’re not going to suggest a “thing” (since they will most likely have it), we recommend an experience! Grab two tickets to a painting and wine class, concert, cooking class, theme park, or something that is personal that you love to do together!

A great place to shop for package deals is Groupon. Just type in your location and they will provide you with countless “things to do” ideas!

 Christmas Presents for Him or Her

For the One Who is Always at the Gym:

This person has serious gym motivation - they are always working out, and when they’re not they’re busy on the go! We think that there are plenty of options for your gym-obsessed shopper:

    1. Gear for on the go
      • We love this option because while they may be at the gym constantly, they may feel out of place while traveling. Small gym equipment makes the perfect gift for the fit traveler – try these resistance bands that can be folded up easily! 
    2. Fitness store gift cards
      • To some, this may seem like an “easy-way-out” gift, but a gift card allows the receiver to try on gear, shoes, and more to make sure they get something they love! This is especially important if your friend runs long distances or needs personalized equipment.
    3. Fitness Apps
  • Workouts are hard to think of 5 days a week! There are hundreds of apps for both iPhones and androids with daily fitness inspiration and ideas. Just search "fitness" in your app store and shop away!
  • Non-toxic body wipes
  • For the gym junkie on the go, body wipes are a must! Non-toxic gym wipes make a great stocking stuffer or add-on gift for a busy fitness friend.
  • Unique gym accessories

Gym Rat Gift Ideas

For the One Who Has Piles of Pictures:

We all have that family member who has boxes and boxes of photos in their garage waiting to be organized. And some of us ARE this person! We recommend buying this group presents having to do with easy organization:

  1. Portable photo scanner
    • Photos are a great way to keep memories from years ago safe! That's why a photo scanner can be a great and useful gift to make sure your older, non-digital photos are stored digitally and can be reprinted time and time again!
    • Scrap books are a fun way to organize your photos by year or person! This is a great gift for your craftier friends and family (and if you're especially crafty, you can even make one yourself!) Pair with patterned craft paper or cute stickers for an extra personal touch.
3. Subscription to an auto-photo book service
    • Auto-order scrap books are perfect for the busy photographer. Just take photos on your smart phone and a service will create a monthly album shipped to your door for you to enjoy!

    Photo Gift

    For the One Who Loves Coffee or Coco:

    This is the friend who always has a cup of coffee in their hand. Keep their favorite beverage warm with our stainless steel container for on the go! Pair it with a fresh roasted bag of coffee beans and even a coffee grinder for those who like to have full control over their brewing (self proclaimed coffee-snobs!) This gift has endless pairing possibilities

    Coffee Lover Gift Idea

    For the One Who Loves Music:

    This person constantly has their headphones in and is always recommending the latest bands and songs! While concert tickets can be a bit pricey, you can still incorporate their favorite band into a gift. There are several retailers who can create a custom record clock, book ends, or even journals out of your favorite band's vinyl record.

    Music Lover Gift idea

    For the One Who Loves Snacks:

    Hold on a minute... isn't this all of us?! Here is a list of presents for the person on your list who is always pulling a snack out of their bag when you need it most! For the friend who is always prepared.

    1. Snack Subscription Boxes 
    2. Snack Stackers
      • These snack stackers are perfect for those who like a good snack on the go - pack the whole tower, or just a few containers at a time. For a personal touch, fill each container with their favorite snacks or include full sized bags or their top treats!

    SUMO snack stacker Christmas Idea

    For the Teens and Tweens on Your List:

    These can be the pickiest shoppers to buy for - Luckily, there are subscriptions that let your teen or tween pick and choose their own style and trials! 

    1. Stitch Fix Subscription
      • Stitch Fix is a service that sends several options of clothing to your gift-receiver to choose from! They fill out a survey to let stylists know what kind of clothing they prefer, then receive items that they can either keep or send back.
    2. Sketch Box
      • For your artistic teen, sketch box is your gift answer! Every month, they deliver 4-6 premium art supplies (often times full kits) right to your doorstep along with a unique piece of art.
      3. Board games
        • Boardgames or group games can be great gifts for the young teen in your life! Play with family or friends and make a night to remember - some of our favorite games include Catch Phrase, Taboo, Apples to Apples, and more!
      stitch fix subscription box

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