New Traditions for a Festive 2020 Christmas

December 08, 2020

With COVID-19 precautions becoming more strict, Christmas traditions seem a little uncertain this year. While not knowing what the season will bring can be disheartening, it can also make room for new, exciting traditions! We've compiled our top 5 covid-friendly Christmas traditions below:

1. Zoom Gingerbread Competition
Building and decorating gingerbread houses with friends and family is a great tradition that doesn't have to be sacrificed because of distance! Just alter it slightly and let the fun continue...
Either send out kits to your zoom party participants or have them gather decorating tools on their own. Then get to decorating! Everyone can cast their vote for the best house in the zoom chat function.

Gingerbread Zoom Decorating

2. Decorate... EVERYTHING.
This may seem like an old tradition, but taking decorating to the next level is a great way to get in the spirit during a 2020 holiday. Rather than just decorating the tree and hanging lights on the outside of your home, encourage littles to decorate their own rooms and throw some Christmas spirit all over the house!
Use decorations that you already own or make a day of it creating new, DIY additions. Here are some of our easy DIY favorites along with links to directions:

Christmas DIY kids decorating

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
If you're looking for a socially distanced way to get out of the house, head out and search for a few holiday items around your neighborhood! Either take a nice stroll or enjoy some hot cider while driving around.
Click on the image below to print and enjoy the holiday hunt!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Free Printable 

4. DIY Photo Booth (For Holiday Cards or Just for Fun!)
Many families send out Christmas cards featuring this year's vacations or professionally shot photos of the whole family. While this may not have been possible in 2020, a great photo is still in reach!
All you'll need is:

  • A digital camera (or phone/ipad on a tripod!)
  • A background to tape on the wall (we love these festive sparkles on Etsy!)
  • And some good lighting (an hour after sunrise is a great time to attempt).

Not only can you get some great, genuine photos, but it's a blast to put together as a family.

DIY photo booth Christmas 2020 Ideas

5. Neighborhood Light Tour
If our predictions are correct and people are leaning hard into decorations to get in the holiday spirit this year, the neighborhood light tours will be spectacular!
Take the whole family and either walk around local neighborhoods for some fresh air, or drive around town looking for the best lights around. With either mode of travel, make sure to stay warm and pack a nice cup of hot cocoa!

Neighborhood Light Tour 2020



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