Baby Roundup - Cool baby items we're loving in 2022!

June 23, 2022

Here at ZoLi, we love watching our fellow baby brands innovate! Whether it's seeing old friends at Trade Shows that have brand new products, or completely new brands inventing new and helpful baby items... we adore seeing it!

We think that any item that helps moms and dads with everyday parenting is worth sharing. That's why we're sharing some of our favorite baby items that we've seen in 2022! Share any of your favorites in the comments below for fellow parents to enjoy 💛

BabyMoov Newborn Head Support Pillow

A pillow that helps prevent flat-head syndrome in infants! This support pillow is shaped to evenly distribute pressure over baby's soft head and can be used in a stroller, rocker, or swing!

Baby Moov Newborn head pillow

Ollie Swaddle

The Ollie swaddle is your solution to easy diaper changes and customized comfort. This swaddle is secured with a sewn-in elastic band that can be adjusted to the length of your baby and continually customized to grow as your little does! This open-bottom design also makes diaper changing a breeze!

Ollie Swaddle Cool Baby Products 2022

LoveEvery Play Gym

A play gym that grows with your baby for a full year! This fun little fort has five "development zones," that begin with newborn activities filled with high-contrast toys and end with toddler fort fun!

play gym

ZoLi binki T. Pacifier + Teether Combination 

The one-stop accessory to soothe your baby and relieve achy gums together! This pacifier + teether combination is orthodontically shaped to help with palate development and has plenty of teething surfaces both inside the nipple and on the adorable handle characters.
pacifier teether cool baby products 2022

Elvie Hands-Free Breast Pump

It's all in the name! This breast pump fits inside of your bra and is silent. Confidently collect breast milk while on the go or at home without the hassle of a bulky device. 


cool baby gear 2022 breast pump

TushBaby Hip Sling Carrier

This product may not be a life saver, but it is definitely a back saver... With 4 carrying positions, this little sling makes holding your little easier on your hips, back, and arms. Plus, storage pockets give you even less to hold!


Baby Susher Soother

This handy gadget lulls your baby to sleep with a calming "shhh," saving your voice and your sanity. The soother "uses the rhythmic shushing noises of a real human voice to provide comfort, break crying spells and help your little one drift off. Place it next to your baby in a car seat or crib, or carry it on your wrist."


ZoLi BOT 2.0 weighted straw sippy cup

A weighted straw sippy that easily teaches your little to drink from a straw. This original technology follows liquid no matter which way the cup is tilted. The result? Easy sipping for toddlers who are used to flipping their bottle upside down! No more frustration - just flip, tip, and smile.

weighted straw sippy cup cool baby products 2022

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