Benefits of a COVID-Friendly Thanksgiving

November 05, 2020


Thanksgiving may look a little different this year... In fact, everything has looked a little different this year! But different doesn't have to mean dreary. We think that there are many benefits to a smaller, COVID-friendly Thanksgiving (in addition to keeping yourself and your family safe!)

Here are our favorite reasons to give thanks for a small 2020 Thanksgiving!


Smaller workload when it comes to food.
No need to create an elaborate spread for a small group this year! Now we have the luxury of picking our close family favorites and making the perfect collection of food for those who are present. We love the idea of this personalized, intimate spread!

Smaller workload when it comes to home preparation
Having guests over is a fun way to catch up and have a fun night filled with memories. But what we sometimes forget is that guests means cleaning up for people who haven't seen your home in maybe a year!

This can cause anxiety and added tasks that you may not even think of until the night before! When did those base-boards get so dusty? Amanda will definitely make a comment on our messy play room... Where did all the fingerprints on the fridge come from? No need to worry about this with your small intimate group! Your kids are the ones who made the mess - they won't mind celebrating in it :)

More personalized traditions
Extended group traditions are an amazing way to keep friends and family close and make memories that your littles will remember. Since we won't be able to do some of our favorite traditions this year, use the opportunity to create more intimate traditions of your own! 

Kids can respond even better to traditions like this. For example, littles may be uncomfortable sharing what they're thankful for in front of a large group of friends and family. In a smaller group with people they know well, it is a lot easier to share genuinely. 

More flexible schedule
This year, we are grateful for simplified planning! When you don't have to schedule times and dates with a large group, you can do things your way. That may mean celebrating on Saturday instead, or eating earlier than usual for the kids. Whatever floats your turkey!

No uncomfortable politics
We know that the larger the group, the more likely some unwanted political arguments may occur. While these discussions may lead to a deeper understanding of issues, it's always nice to have a day or two off!

Skip the omnipresent substitutions.
John doesn't like green beans, Linda doesn't like onions, Joe doesn't eat meat... The list goes on when it comes to large gatherings that involve food. We're definitely thankful to skip the long list of food dos and don'ts this year!

Comfortable Pets
Some pets love a large group of new friends. But for those who don't, a more intimate gathering can relieve much stress on your furry friend. 

Save on Travel Costs
We may miss traveling during the holidays to see friends and family, but there's no denying that the additional cost is never a highlight! Saving on airfare and other travel costs this year is a plus.

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