Creating a Mindful Wardrobe for You and Your Kids

February 25, 2020

Shopping for your kids can feel like a never-ending experience. With how quickly children grow, it feels like you are stocking up on new outfits all the time.  Not only can this be an expensive process but it is creating extra waste within our home and the environment.  Because no parent wants to add another bullet on their to-do list by having to make a pitstop to Goodwill (I know, I don't), here are some ways to more easily manage a mindful wardrobe for your kids.

ThredUP x ZoLi blog post mindful wardrobe

Stop Buying Brand New Clothes

Believe it or not, supporting fast fashion is not only expensive but it also contributes a large amount to global warming. I know I'm guilty of giving in to fast fashion every now and then.  If you are ever curious about the If you're curious about how the impact your clothing choices are making to the planet, try this fast fashion calculator by Thredup.  This will be able to tell you your direct impact and how just making a few little changes can reduce your carbon footprint.  The solution to this is quite easy! Instead of buying fast
fashion options for your kids, search for secondhand options instead. By visiting local garage sales, second-hand stores or even online options in your area, you’ll be able to find practically brand-new options for your kids, all at a fraction of the price!


ThredUP x ZoLi blog post mindful wardrobe

Buy Larger Sizes

With how quickly children grow, many times, clothing goes to waste for our kids as they simply don’t fit into the options they have. Next time you go shopping for your kids, instead of buying for the size they currently are, why not buy one or two sizes up? It’s perfectly okay for things to be a little baggy on your kids and by buying larger, your kids will get even more use of out the clothes that you buy for them!


ThredUP x ZoLi blog post mindful wardrobe
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Host a Swap Party For Your Kids

Another option is to host a swap party with your mommy group or close mom friends!  Not only is this a great way to get together with all of your closest friends and their kids but you’ll likely be able to get your hands on a couple new pieces for your kids while also getting rid of the ones your kids no longer use or fit into. By no means does this have to be limited to clothing either. If you’re done having kids and have baby supplies, you’re ready to be rid of, offer those options up as well. Perhaps you have some housewares that aren’t coming into use, add them to the pile! Having a swap party can help you get rid of all the things you’re done with, while finding new and fun options, all for completely free!


ThredUP x ZoLi blog post mindful wardrobe
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Create a Capsule Wardrobe

While we mostly think of capsule wardrobes as being for adults, there’s no reason you can’t create a capsule wardrobe for kids as well! Doing so will create less laundry for yourself and will also be a huge timesaver when getting your kids dressed for school, a playdate or any other activity. When going through your children’s’ closets, aim to eliminate your clothing options to at least 25 pieces. When looking for key clothing choices, aim for quality pieces and those that can mix and match well with others. It can be easier to qualify what goes into your kids’ capsule wardrobe if you have a checklist to follow along with. Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, creating a capsule wardrobe checklist will help you to build a closet that is simple and manageable! 
Having a capsule wardrobe for myself and my kids has really helped in simplifying my life.  Laundry is no longer an overwhelming task and with fewer clothes, the girls' rooms are more organized and getting them to put their clothes away after the laundry is no longer a struggle. You can even follow our journey to a capsule wardrobe here!

I would love to hear whether you have tried any of the ideas above or something else in helping to create a more mindful wardrobe for kids.

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