Diaper Bag Essentials | What's in your bag?

January 27, 2022

Once you become a new mom, your diaper bag is suddenly your go-to bag (so make sure you get one that you like).  Keeping your diaper bag well-stocked and ready to go at all times gives you peace of mind so you can head out for a (hopefully) stress free outing with your baby, anytime.  So what should be in your diaper bag?  Everyone’s needs are slightly different but here are few of our ideas which we hope will inspire your own checklist:

click the image below for a printable version of our checklist!
printable checklist for your baby bag

What to Pack

Diapers:  This one is obvious but how many do you pack?  Rule of thumb is to keep at least one on hand for every two hours you are out, plus a couple of extras.  You’ll want to adjust this as the babies get older, but on average you’ll change your baby’s diaper every two hours.

Diaper Wipes:  If you can, bring one whole pack.  Baby wipes are handy for more than just a baby's tushie.  Look for ones that don’t contain ingredients that can irritate your baby’s skin, such as chlorine or alcohol found in many commercial diaper wipes.  

Portable Diaper Changing Pad: Most diaper bags come with a portable diaper changing pad but if your go-to bag is not a “typical” diaper bag, getting a portable diaper changing pad that can also hold diapers and wipes helps to convert any bag into a diaper bag.

Diaper Cream: Good to keep handy since diaper rashes can come suddenly.  You’ll want one that is free of parabens, phthalate, and talc.  

Disposable bags:  Good to have in case you are not near a disposal area or for when you need to toss soiled clothes after a blowout.

Extra clothes: You’ll never know when there is a blowout, excessive spit up, spills, etc … Choose something easy like a bodysuit or one-piece PJs for those emergencies.

Hand Sanitizer


Baby Hat

Spare pacifier and/or teether :  Always good to have one or two of these on hand.  Store them in a sealable bag.

Bottle + Formula Dispenser If formula feeding, having a formula dispenser makes making bottles easy while you are on the go.

Burp cloth or lightweight blanket: Swaddle blankets are great since they are 

Lightweight blanket or nursing cover:  The blanket can serve multiple purposes - cover for carseat when baby falls asleep, ground cover at the park / playground, or a breastfeeding cover if you want privacy while breastfeeding.


And if you baby is eating solids, you’ll want to include:


Fork & Spoon: Keeping these handy will make meals when you are out and about much easier.

Portable Placemats These are good to have when you are dining out.  You’ll want to find one that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Sippy Cup: Having one ready with water is always a good idea and make sure to keep it in the front or side of your bag for easy access.

Snacks and snack containers Kids are always hungry so I like to be prepared and keep some healthy & favorite snacks in reusable snack containers so that they are always available.

And don’t forget the mom essentials! Keys, wallet, lip balm, phone, etc …  I like to keep these in a separate pouch so that if I need to I can throw it into whichever bag I’m using for the day.

Trying to balance the “be prepared” without bringing the whole kitchen sink is tricky.  Let us know if there are any other items that you like to keep in your diaper bag!


what's in our bag - close up

pictured above:

STASH backpack, Supergoop sunscreen, Water Wipes, colorMATTIES coloring placemats, SUMO snack stacker, Honest diapers, Bebe Au Lait lightweight blanket, BUNNY teethers, BOT 2.0 sippy cup, Weleda diaper cream, Binki T. pacifier + teethers, CHUBBY GUMMY teethers, Babyworks disposable diaper bags, ON THE GO formula + snack dispenser, ORLY hand sanitizer, Gladfolk new in town onesie, FORK + SPOON ergonomic utensil set

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