DIY Mani Day with TWEEN B

March 12, 2019

At Home Spa Day
Sometimes a good manicure on the weekend is all you need to kick start your week!¬†Unfortunately, it's not always in the budget to have as many "kick starts" as you may need. That's why we love a good at-home spa day to relax, spend some time with family (or alone! ūü§ę) and enjoy! We've outlined everything you need to make your mani look and feel like you came straight from the salon.¬†

The Details:
Anyone can paint their nails in the bathroom at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday... but that's not what kind of spa day you're after! To capture the luxurious spa feeling for your mani, take a look at these simple and easy details:
  • Spa Water - Easily prepped by slicing up a lemon or strawberries and splashing them into a pitcher of water.¬† Extremely easy and makes all the difference!
  • Fluffy Robes -¬†Another simple¬†way to make your spa day just a bit more special and you are as relaxed as can be!
  • Face mask / Hair mask - Before starting your mani, take a bit of time to mix together a hair or face mask that will have time to sit while you're busy painting (Click here¬†for some affordable and easy mask recipes)
The Materials:
  • Bowl filled with warm water
  • Coffee Stirrers
  • Nail clippers or nail file
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Top Coat of your choice
  • Olive Oil
The Mani:
1. Start by soaking your hands in the bowl with warm water you set up earlier. Warm water helps soften cuticles to push back and prep nails - coffee stirrers are great for this! Just align coffee stirrer to your cuticles and gently press back after soaking for a pro look.
2. Do your research! Look into shapes ahead of time to help make your mani look it's best! Click here for a chart of shapes and styles you can copy!
3. TWEEN B is your secret weapon to professional looking nails! Use it to buff and shine your nails for a natural look, OR prep your nails for nail polish so it will stay on longer!
    • For buffed nails, use all four pads as directed on the back of your TWEEN B case.
    • To prep for painting, just use the first pad, rinse, and paint over roughened nails. (Creating a bit of texture on your nails helps the paint grip and extends the life of your mani!)
    4. Paint nails as usual with your favorite color! Wait for your nails to thoroughly dry between layers to ensure a smooth finish. Finish off with a top coat to keep paint on longer and smoother.
    5. Olive oil will be your new favorite secret to keeping your nails looking fresh all week long. Apply a tiny dot onto cuticles when you start noticing dry skin and they will be refreshed and looking like new.

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