Dress up your mask for a safe and fun Halloween!

October 28, 2020

Don't let your little's mask distract from their fun and festive costume... Instead, make it the show stopper! We've made a few printables of our favorite mask costumes below - Just click on the image to download printable stencils and enjoy. Happy Halloween!

  1. Cat
  2. Dinosaur
  3. Skeleton
  4. Piglet
  5. Lion
  6. Shark
  7. Jack-o-lantern

1. Meow! A classic, fun way to spruce up your mask

Halloween 2020 mask ideas

2. Rawr! Keep the season scary with this adorably ferocious dino

Halloween 2020 mask costumes

3. Another classic in our mask list this year is the skeleton - Ours may resemble a familiar skeleton from one of your favorite holiday movies!

Halloween mask ideas 2020

4. Oink Oink... One of our cutest masks in the list. A piglet!

Halloween 2020 mask ideas

5. King of the jungle... or tonight, candy.

Face mask halloween ideas

6. CHOMP! This shark is perfect for the little sea animal lover in your life... 

 Halloween 2020 face mask ideas

7. Last but certainly not least is the classic pumpkin. Finish the look with some triangle (toxin-free!) eye paint and you've got the look!

Halloween 2020 face mask ideas

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