Earth Day | Changes you can make from home

April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day! Here at ZoLi we try to make the planet a little greener every day, and you can too! Making small changes in your everyday life can add up to a huge positive impact on the environment - and it's easier to start than you may think.

We've put together 5 easy ways to start making greener decisions in your everyday life... and best part is that you can do all of them from home! Quarantine or not, going green can be easy ♻️ Let's get started! 

earth day tips and tricks
The first change you can make is turning the faucet off! And the hose, the dripping shower head... you get the picture. Did you know that just by shutting the water off while brushing your teeth, you can save up to eight gallons of water a day? This goes for shutting the water off in between dishes, while washing your hands, or any of those 20 second activities that go on with the faucet running. 
earth day tips and tricks easy
Tip #2 for easy earth day hacks is shopping reusable! It may be easy to shop pre-made or toss items out after use rather than cleaning them up, but shopping eco-friendly goes a long way. That's why all ZoLi items are reusable and made with BPA, phthalate, lead, PVC, toxin-free materials!
earth day tips and tricks easy Number 3 on our list is, in our opinion, the most fun option to getting started - up-cycle your used products! Whether it's turning an old sippy cup into a pencil cup, cutting up packaging to be a planter, or even just handing down your un-used items a little less waste makes a big difference
earth day tips and tricks easy

Another way we can reduce on something we may use daily is to bring a reusable cup on your coffee run! You can still fulfill your nitro cold brew cravings - without wasting a plastic cup in the process. Bringing your reusable container to your local coffee shop saves a cup and may even give you a discount on refills! That's what we call a win-win...

earth day tips and tricks easy Teaching your kids about being sustainable may be #5 on our list, but it may be the most important step to take! Teaching your littles to be more eco-conscious helps keep the whole family accountable, and can be a fun bonding experience. Check out this article by Conserve Energy Future for some ideas on how!


We'd love to hear how you go green throughout the year - Comment your tips or green habits below and we'll feature on this blog!

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