Easy-to-Keep New Year's Resolutions for 2021!

December 31, 2020

Every year, I ask my dad what his new year's resolution is, and every year he replies "I made a resolution XX years ago to never make another New Years resolution. I'm not going to break it now!" 

Every year I laugh and realize that technically the best way to keep a resolution is not to make one... but what's the fun in that?! That's why I've become the master at creating easy-to-keep resolutions that also make me feel like I've accomplished something for the year.

Now let's be clear, saying that I'm going to floss my teeth once this year doesn't count as a resolution. The key is to take something you want to accomplish, but resolve to accomplish a measurable, possibly smaller version of it. 

Here are a few I've enjoyed in the past:

  1. Easy resolution for travel
  2. Easy resolution for health
  3. Easy resolution for cooking
  4. Easy resolution for your home
  5. Easy resolution for family


1. A Resolution to Travel... But Keep it Specific!
Traveling more is a great resolution that is extremely common every year. While I whole heartedly think that traveling is a great plan, outlining one trip or location is easier to measure. For example, pick one location that you'd love to visit this year. It can be near or far, but having a specific spot makes your goal clearer and can help you plan ahead so you'll be sure to go!

2. A Resolution to Become Healthier... By Measuring!
Losing weight and becoming healthier is the #1 resolution we hear every year. 

A smaller, more achievable resolution is to measure your food this year. Studies show that people who measure their food are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who don't! 

Rather than carrying measuring cups with you on the go, grab portion-controlled containers like ZoLi PODS and SUMO food towers to keep you on track! Each tower is perfectly sized to fit meals and snacks that will fill you up without holding too much.

3. A Resolution to Cook... Weekly
Another common goal is to cook more in the new year. This resolution is difficult to measure and even harder to keep up for those who have busy family and personal schedules.

Choosing one night a week to cook a new recipe allows for more time to plan and even include the family if they'd like to join! Plus, you don't get burnt out on cooking or let down by a less-than-spectacular cooking attempt. 

4. Fix Up the House... One Room at a Time
If you are looking to renovate or even just clean up your home in 2021, remember to take it a little at a time! Start by resolving to fix up one room in your home next year. This may seem like you're shooting low right off the bat, but with all of the unexpected that go on during a year *see 2020 for reference* this could be just the right amount! Once you've finished that one area, feel free to move on to the next knowing that you've accomplished a lot!

5. Bond with Family... Weekly!
We all know that getting kids to open up can take some time. And that finding time can be extremely difficult with busy schedules, chores, school, etc. Making a goal to find time weekly is a more manageable goal that still brings family closer.

For more specific ideas on weekly activities to enjoy with the family, check out our "Getting Your Kids to Open Up... Especially During Quarantine" blog post

Do you have any go-to New Years Resolutions? Reoccurring resolutions, easy ones, hard ones... We'd love to hear them all!

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