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May 24, 2012

One of the things I love doing what I do is the opportunities to meet all the inspired people in the industry and the stores that result because of their passion and vision.  I want to share with you some of their stores, so we are starting a new series on our blog spotlighting these retailers and what inspired them. This month, Ariana Spaulding from Eco Bambino in San Luis Obispo, CA share with us what inspired her to create her amazing store.

How long as your store been around?

We first started online in 2008 and did not open our retail location until we found the perfect spot on Monterey St in 2010.

What motivated you to open a baby store?

The inspiration came after I had my kids and became frustrated by the lack of local stores that sold eco-friendly baby products in the community where we lived.

What inspired the name of your store?

 Eco Bambino is truly a representation of the natural baby and child products that we look for to sell in our store.

What is your favorite family activity?

Between the store and managing day-to-day with my family, I cherish the moments I get to spend with my family.  Our favorite activities are baking and playing board games.

Go check out Eco Bambino when you get a chance.

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