Fall Finds: A few things I'm loving this Fall

September 24, 2021

Fall really is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the cooler weather, the sports (volleyball, soccer, college football, and NFL), food, holidays, family gatherings, and of course, sweater weather.  Here are a few things that I’m loving lately:


Fall Birkenstocks - Things We're Loving
Birkenstock Boston Shearling:  I admit I’m a sucker for “ugly” shoes so have been a fan of Birks for quite a while.  All during the pandemic, I lived in my Arizona slides.  In fact, they have been so well-loved, that it was time for me to get a new pair.  With my WFH situation becoming permanent and the weather getting cooler, I decided to get the Boston with Shearling ... and I'm so happy I did.  They are just as plush and comfy as everyone says. I wear them everywhere - trips to grocery stores, coffee runs, and even lunch dates with friends.  


fall Soups we're loving Fall has me thinking about stews, soups, and pretty much any one-pot meals. So for the first day of Autumn, I decided to make this Chicken & Sweet Potato soup.  I did make a few tweaks by adding in some corn, spinach and potatoes I had on hand.  It turned out really tasty.  It was the perfect meal to end the day. 


Juli's Instant Pot Soup


Fall-TV-Shows-That-We're-Loving!The Expanse on Amazon Prime:  I was looking for something to watch that was not my typical crime drama and this show drew me in.  This sci-fi show is based on the novels written by S.A. Corey (pen name for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck).  Show takes place hundreds of years in the future where humans have colonized the solar system and the tensions between the Earthers, Martians and “Belters” provide the backdrop for space adventure, political intrigue and mystery.  So far, there are five seasons with the sixth and final season coming in early 2022.


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