February Fun Finds - Reading, Health + Style

February 10, 2022

No, we're not just going crazy... 2022 HAS actually flown by this quickly! It's already February! And while the holidays have technically been over for a month, it just now feels like life is getting back to normal (ish). 

With holiday plans dying down and schedules steadying out we've found that we have a little more time to reevaluate our everyday and things that we can slowly start adding back in - For us that has included reading, health, and even style... 


With kids back in school from winter break, why not get a little reading in of your own? There are so many reading options now from e-books to audio-books, so it's just a little easier to multi-task while getting a daily chapter in. We found that this habit is a great way to center and have a little "me-time." (even if in reality you're listening to a book, making dinner, looking over homework, and bouncing baby simultaneously!) 

Here are a few book trends that we've particularly been loving this month:

  • "Book club" text group: a top 10 reading list or book of the month list is a great way to learn about new books and authors. However, we love the personal touch of a group chat where your friends can exchange their favorites throughout the year! This can be a group of friends that you consistently ask for recommendations or even one friend who adds a friend... who adds a friend... who adds a friend... until you have a great group of readers! This offers more personalized recommendations and a wider variety of unsponsored opinions.
  • Library e-books: Local libraries are an amazing place to learn about new authors as well! But did you know that many libraries are now carrying e-books that you can check out and read all from home? (Instant access and great recommendations, all without having to leave home? Sign us up!)
  • Different ways to read at different times: Another reason we love all of the "reading" options is that we can pick and choose the time, place, and type of reading we want to do. Going for a run? Audiobook downloaded. Reading before bed time? Kindle charged. Wanting a bit of quiet me-time in between tasks? Hard cover in hand. No matter the mood, there's a way to read for that. 


    With all of the family gatherings (and accompanying mountains of food) that filled October through January, we've been feeling a bit sluggish. No wonder we've been seeing "3 day cleanses" spring back up in February. While cleanses are not for everyone, we've seen a few this year that have peaked our interest:

    • Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse: This seems to be the most popular cleanse spreading through social media in 2022. To sum up this detox, it is 3 days of drinking juices, teas, and smoothies filled with items that are thought to cleanse your body and lead to healthier skin and weight. If you've been wondering about this cleanse, check out Dr. Oz's shopping list and drink schedule by clicking here.
    • Dr. Oz 3 Day Souping Detox: Another Dr. Oz Cleanse! But this one has a twist - everything for 3 days is soup! In our opinion, this seems like a savory version of a smoothie cleanse. Similarly to the cleanse above, this plan spans for 3 days and includes foods thought to battle toxins and inflammation. If you're curious about this variation, click here for details.



    Seasons haven't QUITE changed yet, but we are already itching for that summer warmth. While we wait, we've been on the hunt for some perfect winter-to-summer transition shoes. For us in California, that means something that we can wear every day that's comfy but not a boot, and light but not a sandal... Here are a few that we like!

    • New Balance Sneakers - New Balance has a way of making neutral sneakers with just enough dash of color to make it interesting. 
    • Allbirds Wool Pipers - We love that these seem comfy, casual, and give a warmer white feel.
    • Rothy's Slip-Ons - We were sold on one word... ✨Washable✨

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