February Update | Recent Obsessions

February 25, 2022

Confession.  I am still loving the slower pace of these last couple of months and enjoying quiet evenings at home.  I know this will change in a couple of weeks as we get ready for warmer weather and spring break but for now, here are the things I’ve enjoyed staying in: 


puzzle pieces

Puzzles.  This activity started back when we were first in quarantine and is still something I enjoy.  I’ll usually take a crack at it for about 30 minutes or so after dinner.  The girls will take a look at it sporadically and try to fit a few pieces together before heading off to do their homework.  There is just something satisfying about seeing all the pieces come together in a finished puzzle. 


knitting yarn

 Knitting.  Not big projects but small projects - beanies, gloves or cowls.  I think the running theme here is projects that don’t take a lot of time to complete.  That way, I can have my small wins of starting and finishing something. I've also noticed that knitted purses and tops have started springing up in stores again so maybe we can build up to larger projects eventually!


TV watching

We have been watching Inventing Anna.  There’s been mixed reviews on this but I thought this was a fun, quick watch and definitely entertaining! You can find it on Netflix, which we've noticed has been coming out with much more new content lately...

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