FUN Snacks for Road Trips this Spring Break

March 25, 2021


It’s been a year since we’ve been hunkered down and ceased all traveling so we are itching to get out.  Spring break is just around the corner and since we are not ready to get on a plane, we are going to pack up the car and head out on the road.  Personally, I love a good road trip.  There is just something about getting in the car, cranking up the music and heading out on the open road.

To me, a successful road trip means loading up on good snacks and if you have kids … LOTS of SNACKS!!  I’ll usually prep a cooler with some healthy options, but part of the fun is to take the kids with you to the market and letting them choose what they want.  Typically, these are the “not-so-good-for-you” category, but why not?  Letting loose on what you can or cannot eat on a road trip is part of the freedom of being on the road.  Before we go, I'll usually take the girls with me to the market so they can pick out their own snacks.  I like to go to the Chinese or Japanese market since the snacks there are not the run of the mill snacks you typically find at a regular market.  That way, the snacks they choose are different and amps up the “fun” factor.

We always pack up our haul in PODS or SUMO snack stackers to keep them fresh for the entire trip. Here are some of our favorite tower combinations!

Road Trip Snacks Japanese Market - ZoLi Snack Tower

Our Favorites from the Japanese Market:

  • Japenese Rice Crackers Wrapped in seaweed – We never leave the Asian Market without a pack of these.  A tried-and-true favorite in our household.
  • Mini Ball Cake Buns / Tamago Boro – these are little biscuits have a slight sweetness but the fun part of these is the texture – they have a crunchy texture but melts in your mouth as soon as you pop it in.  I used to get these for the girls when they were toddlers so they often will pop these into their baskets for the nostalgic factor.
  • Roasted Peas – We go for the wasabi flavor. 
  • Ramen Noodle Snacks – We go for the bite sized pieces of flavored ramen noodles instead of the loose ones.  Easier to eat and less mess in the car. 

Juli Asian Snacks Road Trip

  • Calbee Veggie Heart Chips – Similar to veggie chips you’ll find in normal market, but the shape is what makes these fun!  
  • Japanese Animal Crackers – These are buttery crackers have a subtle savory + sweet taste to them.  My kids prefer these to regular animal cookies.  Plus, they have the names of the animals burned into the cookies so no more trying to guess what the “blob” is supposed to be.
  • Schezuen Spicy Peanuts – This one is my favorite!  Peanuts cooked with dried chili and Sichuan peppercorn. 
  • Kinjo Mix Fruits Jelly Candy – Comes in a variety of flavors: strawberry, grape, melon, orange and pineapple. 

Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers

Trader Joe's is another great place to stop on your road trip adventure! They tend to have healthy options (but still a few fun snacks thrown in)

Our Favorite Toddler tower from Trader Joes:

  • Pirates Booty - There are tons of flavors of this tried and true favorite at Trader Joes! With the low price, everyone can pick their favorite flavor for the trip.
  • Cheddar rocket crackers - Resembling goldfish but with a bit of a twist... we love these cheesy crackers for a quick savory snack no the road.
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels - If you haven't tried these yourself, we recommend you grab a bag asap. These delicious little pockets are a great source of protein and DELICIOUS!
  • This Fig Walks into a Bar - Okay so the name is really cute... but they're also delicious! Different flavors for any type of picky eater are available.
  • Mandarin Oranges - Not only a great way to get your car smelling fresh and citrus-y. A great selection of fruit gives littles a healthy option between their more savory treats.


Trader Joes also has some protein-packed options to keep mom and dad's energy up for the drive (we know we'll need it to keep up with these littles!)

Our Favorite Protein Packed tower from Trader Joes:

  • Edamame - 17g of protein per cup of edamame makes this a delicious and nutritious snack for on the go. 
  • Trail mix - TJ's has countless options for their trail-mix and nuts section. Grab your favorite and enjoy the energy boost!
  • Jerky - Turkey, Beef, Salmon, even Watermelon. Take your pick!
  • Protein bars - The bar section can be overwhelming, but some can be highly nutritious! Some of our favorites are perfect bars and RX bars.
  • Meats - Right next to the renowned cheese section at Trader Joes, the meat selection has many snack-sized options perfect for a quick mid-drive snack.


If you want even more road trip tips for Spring Break this year, visit our blog, Tips for Traveling With Kids!

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