Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant!

July 16, 2020

You're having a little one! So many emotions come with finding out that you're pregnant from excitement, to shocked, to relieved, to even a bit scared! One thing is for sure, your first thought is probably how to tell your significant other know the great news... If you're a mama-to-be that wants to create the perfect moment for this occasion, you've come to the right place!

We have seen so many touching, hilarious, and unique ways to tell your significant other that they're a parent-to-be. We've compiled some of our favorites below:

  1. Tell them with kitchenware
  2. Tell them with takeout
  3. Tell them with your fur baby
  4. Tell them with onesies
  5. Tell them with a scavenger hunt
  6. Tell them with the bun pun
  7. Tell them with fruit
  8. Tell them with doughnuts
  9. Tell them with a photo
  10. Tell them with the kids

1. Telling them with kitchenware

Turn an everyday meal into a fun surprise! Whether you hide the message on the bottom of their morning coffee or engraved on a spoon at breakfast, your partner won't see this adorable announcement coming!


2. Telling them with takeout

Grabbing takeout is always a great start to a relaxing and fun night... throw a surprise note in and you've got the perfect announcement! For this announcement you'll either need to make your own fortune cookies or order them custom online. Then sit back and enjoy the surprised look on your partners face when they crack open their cookie!


3. Telling them with your fur baby

If you already have a furry little one, have them help with the announcement! Either tie a note to their collar or make a customized bandana with your exciting news and watch both your partner and your pup dance with excitement!

4. Telling them with onesies

Onesies are arguably one of the cutest parts about prepping for a new baby... Get a head start by customizing a onesie and gifting it to your partner or hiding it somewhere that they'll run across it (like a sock drawer)


5. Telling them with a scavenger hunt

If you're not into the "hide it and let's see if they ever find it" method, creating a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to make sure your partner finds the announcement you've chosen. Send them all over the house collecting clues until they find your pregnancy test, onesie, baby shoes... you choose!


6. Telling them with the bun pun

We all know the classic saying "bun in the oven", so this announcement goes without much explanation... but will your partner guess your announcement when you put literal buns in the oven? Let's find out!

7. Telling them with fruit

This announcement will depend on how early or late you realize you're pregnant! Look up how big your baby is in "fruit size" and put a note in the fridge to your partner. For example - If you're 7 weeks along, tape a note to your blueberry container saying "our baby is the size of a blueberry"


8. Telling them with doughnuts

Who really needs an excuse to get doughnuts? If you do, here's just one more - doughnuts for an awesome announcement! Write a note on the inside of the doughnut box (along with an ultrasound photo if you want to take away any confusion) and wait for your partner to grab one. 

We love the "Eat up! I don't want to be the only one with a belly" note on the video below!

9. Telling them with a photo

As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words - and it's also a great way to commemorate the moment in a cute frame! Frame your ultrasound photo and either place it somewhere in your home or wrap it up as a gift for your partner. 


10. Telling them with the kids

If this isn't your first child, involving your kids is a fun way to get them excited for the new baby, too! You can choose any of the options above or let your kids get creative with their own ideas. 

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