Staying Healthy BEFORE the Holidays

November 08, 2019

Waiting for the new year to focus on health goals is our usual route... And every year by January first, we are feeling tired, full, and even more unhealthy than when we first created our new year start date! It's hard to be motivated when we're not feeling our best...

That is why this year, we are going to avoid the trap and create a list of ways to stay healthy BEFORE the holiday rush! Starting now is sure to give us the head start needed to achieve our new year's goals for all of 2020.

Here are our top 5 ways to stay healthy before the holidays:


Make a game day plan for the holidays

1. MAKE A GAME DAY PLAN: Rather than showing up at Thanksgiving dinner and keeping your fingers crossed that the food won't be that good (trust us, it will be...) have a plan for the day-of. Our favorite holiday meal tips are:

Have seconds! You can always add more to your plate, so don't worry about filling it to the point of toppling over on your first round. Take several trips to the turkey dish or dessert table so that you have time to listen to if your body is actually full, or if you're just eating to finish your plate.

Bring a healthy dish that you LOVE. This way, you'll have a great option to fill up on and can enjoy smaller portions of some of the more sugary or high calorie choices.

Enjoy yourself. It's easy to get down on yourself when you have so many delicious foods around and can't resist! Make sure to enjoy yourself and your family during the meal and not be too hard on yourself.

change your minset on diet cheating

2. CHANGE YOUR "CHEATING" MINDSET: Many healthy habits die because of a "cheat day" or a slip up. While it's great to try and avoid these all together, they are bound to happen during the holiday season! That's why we think it is helpful to change your mindset when it comes to "cheating".

Rather than thinking: "I didn't work out today, I might as well eat terribly too!" 

Handle the off day as: "My muscles got a rest this morning, so I can still eat healthy and keep my body happy for the rest of the day!"

Overall, don't let minor slip-ups ruin your whole day. Enjoy yourself and then get back on track!

create a daily routine

3. START A ROUTINE:  Having a daily routine makes working out or eating healthy much easier. Being consistent is the key to success whether it's...

Packing your weekday lunch the night before so you're sure to have a healthy meal the next day.

Visiting the gym the same time every morning until you don't even have to think about it.

Joining a gym that has consistent class schedules so that you're expected at the same time with the same people each week...

a schedule makes health second nature! If you’re not part of a gym, now is the perfect time to take advantage of early holiday specials. If you don’t want the commitment of a membership, start with a Groupon class or ask for a trial at your local fitness center.

buddy uup

4. BUDDY UP! Have you ever felt that dread to go to an event, but you go anyways because you promised that you would? I think you see where we're going here... Using the buddy system when eating healthy or working out is an amazing tool to staying healthy! 

While a sense of accountability to yourself is enough for some, having an additional barrier to skipping the gym or sneaking that leftover Halloween candy can be a huge help. 

Additionally, if you set healthy goals with a friend you see often, it will be easier to choose healthy meet-ups such as healthier restaurants or choosing a hike over a movie.

write down your goals

5. WRITE IT DOWN: Writing down a goal or routine has a way of solidifying your plans and holding yourself accountable. Write down your health initiatives and put them in an area where you will see them often (on the fridge, at your desk, next to the TV...) This will be a great reminder to stay on track!

We hope these tips will help out on your health journey this year and we can't wait to use them ourselves!

Comment below if you have any other tips or tricks to exiting the holiday season as healthily as possible!

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