Tips + Accessories for Healthy Eating

January 10, 2019

Stay Hydrated:
We haven't met anyone who can say "Yes, I drink enough water every day!" We want to change that! Here is an easy formula to calculate how much you should be drinking: Take your current weight and divide by two. Take that number and drink that many ounces of water a day. (So if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink 65 ounces - or 4 ZoLi bottles - of water a day)  Our bottles hold 16 oz of liquid, so you can easily tell how much water you have (or haven't) drank. 

 POW PIP for staying hydrated

Don't Overload on Your Dressing / Supplements on the go!
We all know salad is good for you, but AT WHAT COST! It's difficult to pack a tasty salad that will be fresh by lunch time. That's why PODS is your new salad buddy. Adding a tasty dressing or dip to your salads can make them much more enjoyable, but too much can throw the health ratio way off. Use a small container like PODS to pre-measure your dressing, add-ins like cranberries or nuts, and dips to make sure you aren't over eating these add-ins - but that you are also enjoying your healthy foods!


This little tower has big possibilities - you can also use PODS for fitness rather than weight loss. It is the perfect solution to packing protein powder or other fitness supplements on the go! Just measure, pack, and mix when you're ready using the easy-pour spout.
PODS healthy eating


Pack Your Own Lunch:
This step takes a little bit of planning, but has a huge impact! Packing your own lunch ensures that you are eating something healthy for lunch and not being tempted by the office snacks or the fast food restaurant right across the street. Waking up a few minutes earlier or packing your lunch the night before is a great habit that doesn't take long to get used to. Having accessories like DINE or THIS + THAT makes packing your own lunch that much easier (and tastier!) Just throw your hot or cold lunch into one of these container and enjoy hours later.

 Pack Your Own Lunch with DINE

Pre-Measure Your Snacks:
SUMO helps to pre-measure your snacks and make sure that you are having a balance of fruits and veggies when on the go or at work! (And make sure that you a healthy snack to distract you from the M&Ms in the cabinet...) Each container holds 8 oz of your favorite snack, so make sure to pack it full of carrots, snap peas, edamame, raspberries, blueberries, and any other fruits and veggies to keep you full throughout the day.

SUMO pre-measure your food  

Swap your Wine for Tea:
If you like a nice glass of red wine after work to wind down, you are not alone! But if you're working on fitness goals for 2019, there are easy ways to swap out a few glasses a week. Drinking ice water in a nicer glass or even a dark tea can distract your brain from wanting a glass of alcohol instead! Our SWIRL glasses are the perfect tea companion with their silicone wraps to easily tuck your tea tag. Sip and Swirl away!
SWIRL tea cup

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