Hospital Go-Bag | A COVID Approved Packing List!

January 14, 2021

The day you head to the hospital to deliver your baby is full of emotions. You are anxious, ecstatic, nervous, hopeful... all at the same time! Needless to say, staying organized and focused during this emotional time is incredibly difficult - especially during a pandemic. 

Packing a go-bag before the big day comes is a great idea, especially with COVID regulations making hospital experiences a bit unique. Pack the following items to give you piece of mind before making the trip!



While hospitals are assuring mamas-to-be that their hospital experience will be very similar to that of a delivery pre-covid, we like to be prepared! That means bringing a few extra items to make sure you are covid-friendly for your big day:


Extra Masks - It's hard enough to remember a mask on your way out for a regular errand. Throw extra masks in your bag to ensure entry into the hospital and to make sure you have fresh masks after delivery!

Your Partner! - Whether it's your husband, wife, mom, sister... try to make sure your delivery buddy arrives at the hospital with you so they may enter.

• A Long Charging Cable - Your phone is the best way to share this time with family who can't be with you! Make sure you stay charged with a cable that's long enough to reach your hospital bed. You may want to bring a stand as well to easily FaceTime during your stay.

• No Need for Gloves - Hospitals are not requiring families to wear gloves during their hospital stay. In fact, they recommend not wearing gloves as it deters from casual hand washing, which is more effective. 

• Hand Sanitizer - Since it may be uncomfortable standing up to wash your hands regularly after delivery, hand sanitizer is a great second option.

• Plenty of Snacks and Drinks - Due to restrictions on hospital guests, your partner may not be able to leave your room for food or drinks. Pack your own to make sure you're fed and happy! :)



Now that you've got the COVID necessities all packed up, it's time for the usuals along with some fun items!

Warm Socks or Robe - While we all love the hospital's standard grippy socks as a little souvenir, a nice soft pair of your own or a fluffy robe is a great way to feel comforted and warmed during what may be a stressful time!

• Baby's First Outfit - Hospitals are still allowing new parents to pack their own outfit to bring the newest addition to their family home! So pack your bows, swaddles... the works!

• Toiletries - Everything you'd need on a regular overnight stay! Toothbrush, toothpaste, face lotion, contact case and solution...

• Paperwork - Possibly the most boring but most necessary items to pack! Make sure you have all of your identification and insurance information handy.

• Car Seat - We know this won't technically come into the hospital, but an infant car seat is a must-have when planning for your big day! You can install your car seat at the same time you start packing your go-bag. This will give you plenty of time to have your seat checked! You can do this at auto dealerships, police stations, fire stations and hospitals.

• Items for your Partner - Pillows, blankets, and snacks - oh my! Make sure your labor partner brings items so they can comfortably sleep in the chair beside your bed and stay entertained during your stay!

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