How to Refresh your Quarantine Outlook!

April 06, 2021

Refreshing your Quarantine Routine

Restaurants, salons, and schools are slowly opening up again, but there's no doubt that quarantine is still affecting our everyday lives! Now that it's been over a year since we first heard about COVID-19, we're thinking our routines could use a bit of a shake up. Here's some ways that you can easily re-vamp your quarantine life to feel refreshed and new!

1. Paint your favorite room...
or nook or even piece of furniture! Painting gives a sense of accomplishment with results that you can see instantly - Grab a few fun swatches from your local hardware store and have the whole family vote to get everyone included! Then, enjoy your refreshed room.

2. Start a new hobby
The beginning of quarantine was all about newfound loves for baking, self care, exploring the outdoors... But as we realized that this was going to be our new normal for a long time, our zeal for new hobbies dwindled. One year later, we think this is the perfect opportunity to reignite some new pastimes! Grab that apron and try some new recipes, borrow some knitting needles and take a shot at making a hat. Whatever it is, trying something new can be refreshing and renewing.

3. Change up your exercise
Many of us took quarantine as an opportunity to get in shape. Unfortunately we all know that keeping up a consistent workout schedule can be a struggle. Start out by adding 300 steps a day or checking out some new youtube workouts. And or those of us who kept up that routine, job well done! Try adding in one day of outdoor workouts or one socially distanced workout with a friend.

4. Start a daily gratitude list
Despite the quarantine, the birds are still singing, the sun shines, and the rain makes everything green and beautiful! It could be a new hummingbird nest in your yard, or your child learning something new that excited them at school that day. Make it a habit to acknowledge the happy moments in your daily routine and SMILE! :) Even just smiling releases tension and calms any nerves.

5. Rearrange your most lived-in spaces
Flip a couch around, rearrange your bed pillows, or organize your closet. Whether it's a huge change like organizing the garage with new shelving or as simple as moving your dresser to the other side of the room, reorganizing your space is a simple way to revitalize your outlook. There even specials on Netflix and other streaming services to inspire and motivate organization and design with things you already have on hand!

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