Stop #2 Ice Cream Tour

June 30, 2017

 Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

2. Humphry Slocombe
3. Mitchell’s
4. Shakedown
5. SF Hometown Creamery
6. Smitten
7.  Bi Rite
9. Honey Creme
10. Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous


We are continuing on our tour of Bay Area ice cream spots and our second stop was to Garden Creamery!

Garden Creamery came on the scene selling frozen treats from their dessert truck on the streets of San Francisco.  They now offer the same made from scratch, Asian- and Hawaiian inspired treats from their corner shop in the Mission. 

Garden Creamery is also known for their chimney cone which is basically a donut shaped into a waffle cone.  All of us had been looking forward to trying the chimney cone but once we got there we realized they only serve them on Saturdays so we were a bit disappointed.  That didn't deter us from still getting ice cream : )

Zoe and Lila in front of Creamery

Lila chose earl grey again and gave it a thumbs up.  Zoe chose coffee flavor on a waffle cone with caramel drizzle which looked delicious.  She gave it a thumbs up as well but I think she would have preferred to have it on a chimney cone.  I chose haupia macadamia nut in a cup and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Definitely a flavor reminiscent of what I would get if I were in Hawaii.  Chet joined us on this trip as well and chose a non-dairy coffee flavor which he polished off.    


All in all, a fun outing.  Next time, we will know better and go on a Saturday if we want the chimney cone.  Overall we would give Garden Creamery a 4/5.



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