Stop #3 Ice Cream Tour

July 06, 2017

 Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

2. Humphry Slocombe
4. Shakedown
5. SF Hometown Creamery
6. Smitten
7.  Bi Rite
9. Honey Creme
10. Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous


Since we started our Bay Area ice cream tour, people have recommended other places for us to try.  Stop #3 was one of those places, not originally on our list but definitely worth the stop.


ICICLES  serves fresh ice cream rolls made right in front of you (think Benihana chef skillz but with ice cream).  They take simple everyday ingredients such as cream and/or milk, eggs, and sugar and pour it onto a cold pan and continuously chop at it until it solidifies enough to be spread into a wafer thin layers that are scraped into quarter sized rolls, then packed into a cup and topped with all types of toppings such as fresh fruit, gummy bears, toasted marshmallow, hot fudge ...


Rolled ice cream is a treat made popular by street vendors in Southeast Asia and has become the latest new trend in Asian treats popping up all over American cities.  Icicles has several locations in the Bay Area with San Mateo being the newest one.  

They offer a wide range of flavors such as Nutella and Chill (custard base blended with banana, graham crackers, and Nutella), Bravocado (yes, avocado is blended into ice cream), Cereal Killer (custard base with cereal mixed in - Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and/or Fruity Pebbles), as well as non-dairy options so there is something for everyone.    

Zoe with Ice Cream  Lila with Ice Cream

On this trip, we tried Bravocado, Cereal Killer, and Strawberry Whirl. So far, this one was Zoe's favorite by far.  Lila places it up there but nothing has knocked Tin Cup down from her first place spot.  At $7.50 a cup, it is a bit on the pricier side but for the experience and the fresh ingredients, I think it's definitely worth it.   Did I mention the unlimited toppings??!!

We are going to give ICICLES a 4.5/5.  Not quite a 5/5 because of the price point.  

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