Stop #5 and #6 Ice Cream Tour

August 24, 2017

 Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

2. Humphry Slocombe
7. Smitten
9. Honey Creme
10. Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous


We took a few weeks hiatus from our Bay Area Ice Cream Tour while the girls were at camp but we are back in full swing and hoping to complete our list soon.


Stop number five was Shakedown, located in the Tenderloin district of SF.   Shakedown's menu is wonderfully creative with unique flavors that changes daily.  The day that we went, we opted for Cracker Jack and So Many Roads.  

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Cracker Jack is a popcorn infused ice cream with dulce de leche and crushed peanut brittle while So Many Roads is milk chocolate ice cream with pieces of macadamia bark and house made vegetarian marshmallows.


Both were delicious and got a 4 out of 5 rating.   

Stop six, Bi-Rite Creamery, was located just steps away from Dolores Park and definitely worth the wait.  


Similar to our previous stops, Bi-Rite is committed to using locally sourced and all natural ingredients.  Bi-Rite continues to draw crowds because of its location but also, because it serves bold, balanced flavors that are often unique but not too out there.   The day we went, we had some family friends with us which were dairy-free as well as gluten-free so we were able to sample a bunch of different options.


 Z chose Honey Lavender and Ricaneles (cinnamon-flavored); both of which she really liked.  L chose Peach Cobbler which she thought tasted like peaches.  The other flavors we tried were Berry Sorbet and Strawberry and Coconut.  Both these flavors were dairy free and our friends thought these were the best dairy free ice cream they've had - full of flavor and still rich.  I chose Peanut Butter Chocolate and it did not disappoint.  

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