How to Keep your Organization Resolutions

January 13, 2020

Getting more organized is one of the oldest resolutions in the books - and there's a reason... it's a great resolution! We find that it is so easy to get organized one day and have everything a mess the next (especially if you have kids running around!) That is what makes this resolution such a challenging one. 

Luckily, there are ways to achieve organization AND STAY that way! Check out the list below for some tips to help keep things in their place in 2020.

1. Make a Daily-Do List

This list is different that  your to-do list for that day specifically or even your calendar to-dos. This is a list that you repeat every day with the family! Some items you can include are putting a small load of laundry in the washer, finishing homework and cleaning up your homework station, cleaning dishes, etc. The smaller and more attainable the tasks are, the easier organization seems for everyone involved! 

We've attached our daily to-do's below as inspo! (click on the image to download a printable fill-in-the-task version of your own!)

Daily Task List Example

2. Make a Habit

Now that you've gotten your daily to-dos in order, make them a habit! This step can make or break your 2020 resolution, so we recommend focusing on it even more! 

As a rule of thumb, it takes 2 months to form a habit. That means 2 months of achieving everything on your list - this may seem daunting to some in the beginning, but as time goes on these tasks will become second nature.

To help keep your mind on track to form a habit, download our 2 month countdown by clicking the image below!

2 months to make a habit countdown

3. Don't Let the Small Things Stack Up

It may be easy to focus on one task at a time when it comes to getting organized. (like the cluttered garage that keeps getting more and more crowded...) While it's great to tackle big projects right off the bat, remember to also take care of the small things before they stack up.

According to Jamie Novak, author of 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets in an article for Monster, “If you can do a task in two minutes or less, you must do it right then. File that one folder instead of making a pile to be filed later. Spend five minutes at the end of the day wrapping up, putting away things you used during the day and pulling items you’ll need for the next day." Following Novak's advice keeps chaos to a minimum, giving you even more time to focus on big projects!

4. Give Everything a Home

Giving all items a home makes it easy to keep things organized AND to find them in a snap when you need them!

It could be as simple as having a cup for your pens or a small basket for your manicure supplies. If they don't have a place that they can call home, they will end up laying around your desk or bathroom, and these items are so small that they'll easily be lost!

STASH, for example, is a great place to start organizing your office supplies. There's a pouch for everything! (Including your laptop, pens, keys, phone, sunnies...)

5. Get Rid of Items You're Not Attached To

It goes without saying that the more you have, the harder it is to put everything in its place. That being said, certain items that others would consider "clutter" may be considered priceless to you! Take some time to sort through things and choose what is important to you.

In the amazing words of Marie Kondo, “Keep only those things that speak to your heart... The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one's hand and ask: Does this spark joy? If it does, keep it."

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