Lowcountry Baby

October 04, 2017

Today, we are featuring one of our favorite Charleston Retailers, Lowcountry Baby Boutique!  Created by a group of moms who love babies, they know exactly what items will make you "ooh" and "aweee". This boutique is the ideal stop for all things natural parenting, traditional baby items, and the latest baby trends.

Read on to learn some more about this adorable boutique!

Outside of Lowcountry Baby Boutique

Name a song that describes your store’s personality best.

Can't think of a song...

What inspired you to open your store?

I opened the store because ,after 20 years in the maternity clothing business I wanted to remain in an industry that involves new moms and babies.  I love working with new moms and grandmas to help them find the perfect stuff for new baby.

What was the inspiration behind your store name?

We are located in the Charleston, SC are which is referred to as the Low Country.  We are a boutique, hence the name.

How do you pick products that you know will succeed in your store?

I choose products that are uncommon, beautiful and have great design.

Inside Lowcountry Baby Boutique

What is the key to your store’s success?

My secret to success is to always strive to exceed my customer's expectations.  We offer a great selection of products, have wonderful personalized service and provide complimentary gift wrap.

What is your favorite ZoLi product?

Favorite product is the Buzz B.  We keep one open on our counter and everyone has to touch it and wants to know what it is.  

BUZZ B electric nail trimmer inside Lowcountry Baby Boutique

What are your Social Media handles so that our fans can follow you, too!

facebook.com/lowcountrybaby  |  instagram.com/lowcountrybabyboutique

We had so much fun learning about the Lowcountry Baby Boutique!  Let us know if you have any other ZoLi retailers you would love to hear from.

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