Making Mindful New Years Resolutions with Family!

December 31, 2019

This New Years Eve, we're sure you're all hearing the typical resolutions... Lose weight, save money, take that trip. And we absolutely love all of them! But if you're looking for something new to refresh your resolutions in 2020 AND include the whole family, we've gathered our top 5 ideas for you!

1. Become an Eco-Friendly Household

Being an eco-friendly household involves everyone in your home! Whether it's buying more sustainable containers, or cutting down on fast-food container waste, every member has a way that they can contribute. Try having everyone make a list of waste that they'll try and cut out and work as a family to stay green in 2020!

2. Make a List of Volunteer Work

Start off 2020 with (you guessed it) a to-do list. But make this list a compilation of things your family can do for others! Volunteer to serve food, clean up the beach, even donate items to a local shelter... every bit counts! With this resolution you can help others while also spending time with the family - the perfect combination!

3. Planning Family Dinners

We all know that "I'd love to have a sit down dinner, but this PB&J on our way to soccer practice will have to do the trick!" feeling. While it can be hard to plan a family dinner more than a few times a month, making a resolution in 2020 to increase these dinners is a great way to bond and stay in the loop with family! Whether it's once a week or once a month, this is a resolution the whole family can participate in.

4. Weekly Thankful Lists

"Thankful lists" are a great way to keep the entire family positive and put things into perspective! Throughout the week, have each member of the family think about what went great or what they're grateful for that week and share with the rest of the family on a specified day. At the start of this routine, you may experience some shy sharers, but after a few weeks the thankful vibes will flow! 

5. Monthly Family Outing

This resolution requires the quality over quantity mindset. Whether it's going out for ice cream or watching movies in the living room with popcorn, this resolution is about spending quality time with family doing something special. Easily remember family night by marking it on the same day each month in your calendar!

BONUS RESOLUTION: Don'f forget date nights!

While focusing on family and all of the chores, errands, and events that come with it, it can be easy to put marriage toward the end of your list. A great goal in 2020 is to designate date nights for one on one time with your partner! You can even fill out your calendar for the entire year with "designated date nights" and decide your destination on the go.

We hope you all have a wonderful start to your 2020 and we'd love to hear your resolutions below!

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