Mother's Day DIY

May 03, 2018

Mother’s Day is coming FAST this year! How many of you have thought about a gift yet? If you haven't come up with the perfect gift, you are in luck! We found this quick, thoughtful, and EASY do-it-yourself craft that the mom in your life will love. This photo box combines functionality (it only takes up a little space to display 6 pictures!) with fun (choose any photos you’d like of fun memories with your mom). You can also use the methods we are about to show you to create a DIY wooden jewelry box, display case, frame or even coasters! Let’s get started. 

First, gather all of your supplies:

  • Wooden cube (we bought a 3.5 in x 3.5 in cube from our local craft store
  • Craft paint (any color you’d like!)
  • Mod Podge photo transfer (you can find this glue-like crafting paste from any local craft store.)
  • Mod Podge matte coating
  • Wash Cloth
  • Foam brush
  • 6 of your favorite photos with mom, sized to match the size of your cube! (For us, it will be six 3.5 x 3.5 in photographs)

Supplies You'll Need

Once you’ve got all of your supplies together, it’s time to get crafting!  

1. Cover all sides of the cube with your choice of paint color. We chose PINK! No need to worry about having your cube perfectly painted... This step is to make sure that if any wood shows on the edges, you'll have a nice background.

Paint All Sides

2. Print out your photos so that they are the same size as the sides of your cube. We chose to print out some of our favorite photos that you all tagged us in! We love seeing you and your little ones using our products to make life a little easier.

Print Out Pictures

3. Coat each image with a thick layer of Mod Podge photo transfer medium. Make it thick enough so you can’t see the photo through it!

Cover Photos with Glue

4. Once your photos are thickly coated, lay them face down on your block and make sure it’s smooth – you can use your fingers or a credit card to do this. Cover all sides of the cube with your photos and let it dry overnight.

Let Sit Over Night

5. Once all of the photos are dry, use a wet washcloth to dampen all sides of the cube, then rub back and forth with your fingers to remove the paper until all that’s left is the image. Try to remove as much paper as possible to leave you with a smooth surface.

Rub Off Paper Residue

6. Let your cube sit until the images have dried out again. Then, coat your photo cube in matte Mod Podge to give it a finished look. This layer will help smooth out any bumps left by hard-to-remove paper. Once this layer is dry, you’re ready to gift your photo box!

 Finished Product!

We had so much fun working on this mother’s day craft and we hope you do too! We’d love to see your own photo box – tag @zolidays on Instagram or share on our Facebook page here:

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