Things that ZoLi HQ is Loving! My November Fix ...

November 05, 2021

Caffeine Fix: 

It’s no secret that we are heavy coffee drinkers over here.  For years, we loved the convenience of pods both at home as well as the office but when we shifted to WFM, it was time to ditch the wasteful ways of pod use and shift to a more sustainable bean to cup option.  After looking at all the different espresso machines, we decided on the TerraKaffe.  I love that I can choose sustainably sourced whole beans and with a touch of a button, I select whether I'm in the mood for -  espressos, lattes, or americanos.  Bonus is that the machine is also really pretty.  It makes me smile every morning when I walk into the kitchen.



Quick Meal Fix:

The salmon recipe that’s breaking the internet: Have you tried this?  I’m a little late to the game but will definitely try this since we usually have leftover salmon and rice in the fridge.



Entertainment Fix: 

I have audible but have not been using it as much since I'm not commuting to work anymore.  I've been purchasing books so I don't lose my credits but now I have so many books in my library that I decided to start listening again to whittle down my stash.  I now just pop in my ear buds while I make dinner or I go on solo walks so I can listen.  Who reads the book can make it or break it for me so I typically like to listen memoirs / autobiographies read by the authors themselves - Tina Fey, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Rob Lowe are a few of the ones that I've been listening to. 

Tina-Fey-Book-Recommendations  Barack-Obama-Book-Recommendations  Michelle-Obama-Book-Recommendations  Rob-Lowe-Book-Recommendations

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