Nat'l Health Day

April 07, 2018

Who says healthy meals have to be bland? When we heard that today was National Health Day, we thought it would be the perfect time for us to share some of our favorite recipes for you and your little ones! These meals are healthy, tasty, and most importantly, easy. Let's take a look!


How many of you don't feel like you're at your most productive until after you've had breakfast? Us, too! Breakfast is a very important meal that gets you up and going for the day.  But we know that it isn't always a walk in the park preparing it before heading out for the day.  That's why our ideal breakfast is yogurt with our favorite berries on the go!  We topped some vanilla yogurt with blackberries, but you can mix and match any flavor yogurt with a variety of berries and granola. The possibilities are endless!

breakfast for adults

For the kiddos, we thought of a fun, easy meal that will get them excited to be eating healthy.  Googlie avocados! Just stick some eyes on either side of the center hole, and you've got yourself a silly, tasty breakfast treat.

kids breakfast


And now, on to lunch. It's so easy to get caught up in the vending machine temptation when you're away from home! But we think that when you have a healthy, delicious meal waiting for you it's a little easier to forget about the wall of snacks. While we love a good, crisp salad along with it's health benefits, we also want something warm and toasty to fill us up. That's why we packed a soup-salad combo. That may sound like a lot of work to prepare and pack, but we made it simple with our THIS +THAT stackable, stainless food jars. Warm soup on top, cold salad on bottom, and a tasty, healthy meal throughout.

adult lunch items

For the little ones, we turned to our friend over at Weelicious for some healthy help! We LOVE these tasty lunch options all packed in our DINE food jars. (We personally love the taco bowl recipe!)


Let's be honest... who has time to make two meals for dinner?? We found a healthy dinner that's great for ALL members of the family - build your own grilled cheese! Everyone can choose their own fillings (different cheeses, avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, hot sauce...) and enjoy their custom-made sandwich!  Click the photo below to see Marly Meredith's take on a grilled cheese bar.

grilled cheese

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