November WWE - Wear, Watch & Eat!

November 19, 2021


With temperatures starting to dip and mornings are just a bit cooler and greyer, I’m ready to slip my feet into my UGG boots.  My boots are what you call “classic” (aka old and should be retired) but before I bought a new pair, I learned about UGGrenew - a service that transforms your classics to like-new.  I’m definitely giving this service a try since mine are in a sorry state.

Ugg Cleaning Hack


Locke & Key on Netflix - if you’re looking for something to watch as a family, give Locke & Key a try.  Story follows the adventures of 3 siblings who move back to their father’s family home after his murder.  It has some language and violent themes so may not be suited for the under 10 crowd but other than that, it has just the right amount of drama, mystery, and supernatural elements to keep you entertained.

Locke and Key Review


If you’re looking for something different, try Bitter Melon.  Bitter Melon grows on a vine and belongs to the gourd family.  The fruit is long (think cucumber or zucchini), green and warty.  It is aptly named since it definitely is not sweet as you would expect fruit to be.  Bitter Melon is cooked more like a vegetable and is a common ingredient in Chinese stir-frys and Indian curries.    Even though I grew up eating it, I never really cared for it.  It is now as an adult that I have grown to appreciate the taste.   I usually like it stir fried with eggs or if you want to experiment - try this recipe from Serious Eats - Stir-fried Bitter Melon with Ground Pork Fermented Black Beans, and Fish Sauce

bitter melon

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