Rainy Day Activities

January 25, 2018

Rainy Day Activities

Any parent with an active child knows that rain can do much more than make it hard to drive. It can create a lot of pent up kid energy with no space to get it out!

It's raining here in the Bay Area, so we thought we'd share some of our favorite energy-busting indoor activities that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Painters Tape Activities. We love using painters tape for so many activities! Creating fun designs while painting is one of our favorites - but we found that it can also be used to get rid of that excess energy on a rainy day. Use this damage-free tape to outline obstacle courses, create a race car track, or even bring the outdoors to your living room with a hopscotch outline! We love this example from Brit + Co.

Brit + Co hop scotch

2. Indoor bowling. This is a great way to re-use some old recycling while also burning some kiddo energy! Take your used water or soda bottles, arrange at the end of a hallway, and bowl with a tennis ball or any small ball. You can even dress up your bottles with this adorable tutorial from KidSpot. (Image of Kid Spot tutorial below)

bowling pins

3. Coloring Activities. While arts and crafts may not be physically tiring, it is a great way to mentally stimulate your little ones and keep them focused when they can't go outside! Our favorite artistic activity is coloring! You can gather some non toxic, dry erase markers and draw on windows for a fun rainy day twist. Coloring placemats like our tokiMATTIES are also a great way to color away with easy cleanup! 

tokiMATTIES rainy day activity

4. Balloon Games. We all remember playing balloon tap with leftover party balloons when we were little - but these decorations can be used every day as energy-busters! Play balloon tap (keep the ballon from hitting the floor!), balloon blow (set up a “course” and see if your child can blow a balloon all the way to the finish line), balloon balance (try balancing your balloon on your nose or the back of your hand), or even balloon sports! (replace the ball from your favorite sport with a balloon to avoid breaking *another* lamp) Check out this blog post from Heather Haupt to find even more balloon games!

balloon tap

5. Potato (Or Pillow!) Sack Races. This one explains itself! Grab an old sack or pillow case for some racing fun.

6. Ping Pong Toss. Break out your plastic cups and a ping pong ball for some indoor fun! Have your little ones toss the ball to a partner and try and catch it in the cup. To make it even more of a challenge, try getting further and further apart! For a single-player, you can throw the ball in the air and try and catch it in your own cup. We love this fun photo from What Moms Love  playing ping pong toss.

ping pong toss

We hope these activities can help out with the rainy day blues - let us know your favorite rainy day activity!

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