Raising Chicks Update

May 13, 2015

Raising Chicks Update

It's been about a year since we embarked on our adventure of raising backyard chickens.  As you may recall, we started with day old chicks and got a variety of breeds - Buff Orpington, Maran, Americana, Delaware, and Welsummer.  Starting with chicks was a great idea since it got my girls involved with the whole process.   Our experience has been really positive and we've been rewarded with plenty of eggs!!   We had a few things that went our way:

  • There was a 50/50 chance that one or two of our chicks would end up being a rooster but fortunately for us, all five were hens.
  • We were told that chickens often take a hiatus from egg production during the winter months.  Since we got our chicks in May and most hens don't start laying eggs until about 6 months of age, I was preparing myself for not getting any eggs until Spring ... but surprisingly, most of our chickens starting producing in late November / early December and we've been getting about 4 - 5 eggs daily.

Would I recommend raising backyard chickens??  If you like eggs, then YESSSSSSS!!!  I definitely have no regrets and am having so much fun raising them.  So much fun in fact that we are adding a few new chicks this month, so stay tuned.

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