Jeannie N Mini

December 27, 2017

This month, we are featuring another California retailer, Jeannie N Mini! This adorable store is located in Irvine, CA and we love them for their variety of functional and fashionable products.  They truly have everything you need for your baby or toddler!

Read on to learn some more about this great store!

Jeannie Mini store front

Name a song that describes your store’s personality best.

Israel Kamakawiwo'oel's "Over The Rainbow". It's one of our favorite songs and it's relaxed and happy mode really represents our customers' mood when they walk into the store.

What inspired you to open your store?

When I moved from Australia back in 2009, I noticed the lack of baby boutiques in Orange County where we can find quality products with great service. I wanted to create an enjoyable shopping environment where new parents can find the high-quality products at a good price (may not be the cheapest).

What was the inspiration behind your store name?

'Jeannie' is obviously my name, and 'Mini' represents the babies and the little products for them.

How do you pick products that you know will succeed in your store?

I check the quality, compare the price, packaging presentation (not only looks good but must be functional), etc. I tend to go with the brands that my customers ask for. I also check the reviews online and check the price on Amazon. If the items are discounted on Amazon, I stay away from them as I know they will not be selling much at my store.

inside the store

What is the key to your store’s success?

• Great brands (combination of unique items and popular key brands)

• Wonderful staff with good customer service

• Store location (at a major shopping mall)

• And most importantly, we are constantly changing the product mix and their displays. I regularly run the in-depth sales and profit analysis and use that information to decide on floor space allocation on each product category and brand.

What is your favorite ZoLi product?


What are your Social Media handles so that our fans can follow you, too!

Jeannie N Mini's Instagram: @jeannie_n_mini

Jeannie N Mini's Facebook: @jeannie n mini

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