Right Start Innovative Moms

November 12, 2012

Right Start Innovative Moms

We are so excited ... Right Start did a profile on ZoLi in a recent Innovative Moms article.   Read the story below:

The Idea is Born

Most of ZoLi’s product ideas come from Julianna Shaw’s experience as a mom. By taking a fresh approach to an old solution, ZoLi has made life better for many families across the country. The seed for ZoLi was planted when Julianna had her first child and she

The seed for ZoLi was planted when Julianna had her first child and she came to the realization that most baby products contained potentially harmful chemicals, affecting both physical and mental development. Though, it wasn’t until three-and-a-half years later, when she had her second child, that she was prompted into action. She found companies were still making products using harmful materials and was unable to find safe alternatives. Julianna wished there was a company that was not only transparent about the materials in their products, but also used only safe, nontoxic materials.

The Solution

Growing up in a green family, Julianna says she’s been “conditioned” to be a label reader when it comes to food, household cleaning supplies and skincare items. Once she became aware of the materials used in producing baby bottles, teethers, toys and more, she set off to make a change – and a difference – in the baby gear industry. Julianna envisioned a line of everyday baby items that addressed all of her concerns, and in turn, would be a brand parents would rely on and trust.

At the end of 2008, ZoLi launched with a modern line of innovative, safe and nontoxic baby care and feeding products. The BOT sippy cup, one of ZoLi’s most popular items, was created because of the difficulty children sometimes have when transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup. Since straw cups are easier for kids to use, ZoLi placed a weighted ball at the end of the straw. This simple yet tactical line of thinking has propelled ZoLi to develop numerous products that make life a bit easier. Recently ZoLi debuted the Buzz B, a battery operated nail trimmer, that’s been a lifesaver for any parent who’s tried to trim a squirmy baby’s nails.


ZoLi & Beyond

As a strong advocate for the environment, Julianna has made sustainability a part of the company's core values.  Like any mother, she makes it a top priority to give her children the best life possible.  Over the years, Julianna has become an expert because she needed to.  Now, her mission is to share this knowledge with other parents in the hopes of making their lives easier and safer.

“I’ve been marketing and assisting with product development for Fortune 50 brands for over 20 years,” says Julianna. “With ZoLi, I’ve been able to put my knowledge and skill set to use in a way that benefits parents by offering healthy alternatives. I’m thrilled that we’ve partnered with Right Start as a retailer since our visions are the same – to offer peace of mind to parents and to give their babies the best start in life.”

In her free time, Julianna makes the most of the wonderful Bay Area weather by biking or hiking with her husband and daughters.

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