Salt Dough Hearts

February 10, 2013

Salt Dough Hearts

With valentine's day coming up, it is time to get your craft on.  The girls usually like to make something to pass out in class so this year, after searching around on the web, we decided to make heart dough magnets and heart necklaces. 

Our project is based on the one we found on Amazing Mae's blog.

Basic salt dough recipe:
1 cup salt
1 cup lukewarm water
2 cups flour
- Mix ingredients and knead until the dough is a nice smooth consistency.

Once the dough was ready, the girls rolled it out and cut out mini hearts with a small heart shaped cookie cutter.  For the magnets, we left as is and for the heart necklaces, we poked a hole with a straw before baking in oven.  Using low temperature (200 degrees) we baked it until the dough hardened (approximately 2 hours). 

We waited until the dough had cooled before the girls went to town with some acrylic paint.  To finish them off, we added pretty ribbons for the necklaces and hot glued disc shaped magnets to the back.

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