Green Spring Cleaning

March 08, 2017

Green Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again- Spring cleaning!  We are so excited to get cleaned up and organized here at ZoLi HQ! But getting there can be the tough part...

We've compiled a few of our favorite, eco-friendly spring cleaning hacks and want to share them with you!  

1. We love hand-me-downs... While your little one may be done with their old sippies or containers, your fun has just begun!  Try painting an old sippy base to store pens, make a planter, or keep as a fun vase.  You can also use containers to organize smaller items like paper clips and erasers.

ZOLI OTG organizationZoLi BOT base reuses

2. You don't always need harsh chemicals to get squeaky clean! We love this hack from Oh The Things We'll Make that uses lemons to clean around the house.  Clean up cutting boards, garbage disposals, rust stains, the microwave, and even the toilet, leaving a fresh, citrus scent as you go.

cutting board

3. Under the sink can be a scary place. Since you already know we love reusing and recycling, you know we love A Cultivated Nest's under the sink solution! Use an old magazine holder to keep your wraps and foils tidy.  You can also use a Lazy Susan like Mommy Suite and have everything close at hand. No more checking under the sink before bed at night.

Mommy Suite

4. Cleaning your shower head- Yes, we forgot about it, too. But The Melrose Family has us covered! Just fill a baggie with distilled white vinegar and tie it around your shower head over night. Wake up to a sparkling clean spout!


 5. And finally, the blinds. Don't worry, it's easier than you think! One Crazy House shared this hack that makes it a breeze.


We'd love to hear your favorite cleaning hacks! Share on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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