St. Patrick's Day 2022 - Our Favorite Leprechaun Traps

March 16, 2022

We all know about wearing green on St Patrick's Day - don't want to get pinched! But have you heard of setting up Leprechaun traps with your family the night before? Think elf on the shelf... but green. 

You make a little "trap" with your little ones and when they wake up in the morning, they get to see what the Leprechaun did over night! 

Here are some of our favorites that we've seen in previous years for you and your littles to try out!

This adorable hat trap from The Suburban Soapbox only needs about 10 supplies and can be customized however you and your child want!

Suburban Soapbox Hat Trap

This trap from The Best Ideas for Kids is even simpler if you're building a last minute craft! You just need some lucky charms, a stick (or pipe cleaner) and a festive little hat!

 This next trap from Crafting Chicks we LOVE because there is so much room for creativity! Just grab a shoe box, prop it open, and fill with treasure. You can decorate the box however you want and really get crafty!

Crafting Chicks Leprechaun Trap

This next trap is a favorite with the kids... a LEGO trap! We think this is such a fun option because you can give your little full rein with what they think the trap would look like... and we think you'd be surprised how creative they turn out! Yours doesn't have to be as intricate as this version from Tips n Tidbits, but we think it's amazing!

Tips n Tidbits LEGO leprechaun trap inspiration

Do you have any other favorites when it comes to St. Patrick's Day traditions? Let us know in the comments below and Happy Holidays!


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