Stocking Stuffers They'll Actually Want

December 17, 2019


Ever feel like "stocking stuffers" is just a fancy way of saying "trinkets that will be lost by New Year's"? Skip the regular stocking knick-knacks this year, and hand out items your entire list will love!

To help, we've gathered our top 25 stocking stuffers that are useful, fun, and easy!


  • TEETHERS: whether you're gifting for a newborn or newly teething baby, a great teether will come in handy! CHUBBY GUMMY is the perfect size to top off a great stocking.
  • BOWS: compact and let's face it... adorable. 
  • SIPPY CUPS: for a toddler learning to drink from a straw, or a mindful mama looking for a toxin free sippy, BOT is the perfect stuffer!
  • NAIL TRIMMER: let babies (and their parents) relax while trimming their nails - pack up a BUZZ B this holiday!


      • SCRUNCHIES + HEADBANDS: playful and inexpensive, these can be used daily for a fun flair
      • CERAMIC PINS: a great way to add a personal touch along with color and fun!
      • SOCKS: this may seem like a "boring" stuffer at first glance, but socks are extremely useful and are even customizable! 


      • SKIN CARE: while this may not be the most inexpensive stocking stuffer, it is guaranteed to be a favorite. Small enough to easily slip into a stocking and use for a long time to come.
      • CHAPSTICK: another gift that seems like it may be mundane, but packs a heavy hit of usefulness!
      • FACE MASKS: available in large variety packs to gift the whole family
      • SMALL CANDLES: a great stuffer to help relax and unwind
      • NAIL POLISH: stays fresh for years and can be used over and over


      • SAVORY SNACKS: the holiday season is filled with sweets - mix it up and throw in some jerky, popcorn, or even unrefrigerated cheeses!
      • FOOD SCISSORS: whether it's on the go or at home in the kitchen, food scissors like SNIP make snipping bite-sized pieces easy.
      • DRINK MIXES: whether it's hot chocolate or chai tea, everyone can use an instant sip on occasion.
      • STAINLESS JARS: if you need to take up some stocking room, stainless is the perfect solution! Pack a DINE and fill it with snacks or drink mix...
      • GUM: everyone loves the guy whose got gum...
      • MILK FROTHER: for the coffee lover at heart - compact and extremely useful!
      • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE: pack tokiPIP for an eco-friendly and fun stuffer 


      • CARD GAMES: compact, comes in a variety of designs, and has endless games to play.
      • MAD LIBS: throw it back to a crowd favorite! not only a great gift but provides group fun for after the presents are open.
      • VIDEO GAME CONTROLLERS: a higher ticket stuffer that can be used for years to come


      • WASHI TAPE: every crafter knows how exciting it is to receive a fresh, fun roll of washi tape!
      • NICE PENS: whether it's colorful gels or a sturdy office pen, this is a gift that will be used on the regular.
      • STATIONARY: a simple and extremely useful gift for the writer in your life.

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