Thank a Mail Carrier Day! Fun Ways to Participate...

February 02, 2021

Happy Thank a Mail Carrier Day! As the name suggests, this holiday honors our mailmen and women who deliver post to our homes and places of business daily.  We've come up with some ideas on how to show your appreciation today and every day of the year. 

1. Keep it simple. Say thank you!
A simple "thank you" or a smile is a great way to show anyone that you appreciate them. When you see your mail carrier down the street, slow down, say hello, and let them know you are grateful for them!


2. Snacks speak volumes
Sharing a homemade family recipe or bar of candy is a small gesture with the potential for huge smiles! Food holds strong memories and leaving a treat for your mail carrier can be a great one. Try to leave out common allergens like nuts and get baking!


3. Letter of gratitude
Mail carriers are used to transporting letters for all of us, so flip the tables today! Tape a letter to the outside of your mailbox from yourself or a drawing from the littles for them to enjoy.


4. Celebration banner
If your mailbox is near your front door or a structure where you can hang a banner, have the whole family make a colorful thank you!


5. Involve the whole neighborhood
Whether it's taping decorations to the outside of your mailboxes or papering the inside flaps, having the whole neighborhood in on the celebration is a great way to surprise your mail carrier!


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