Totally Thomas Toy Depot

March 07, 2018

Totally Thomas Toy Depot

This month, we are featuring another California retailer, Totally Thomas Toy Depot! This amazing store is located in Escondido, California. They carry classic and creative toys for all ages to enjoy! Specifically, they are known for their huge selection of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends trains, toys, and accessories.

Let's get to know some more about this unique and full-of-fun location!

Inside Totally Thomas' Toy Depot

Name a song that describes your store’s personality best.

The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song

What inspired you to open your store?

Cindy's son LOVED Thomas Wooden Railway, which at the time was only available in the UK. International shipping costs were very high so to make it worth the freight, she bought multiple quantities and sold the rest at her first kiosk!

Thomas the Tank inside their store!

What was the inspiration behind your store name?

We began selling only Thomas the Tank Engine product, hence the name Totally Thomas. A few years later, as our store kept growing, we expanded to a full-line specialty store and renamed it to Totally Thomas' Toy Depot.

How do you pick products that you know will succeed in your store?

We have to love them. If we're excited, our enthusiasm will pass to our customers.

What is the key to your store’s success?

Our unique selection of toys, and our customer service. We know our stuff!

What is your favorite ZoLi product?

We love the Chubby Gummy! Nothing beats a teether that WORKS! And sized perfectly to reach molars!

ZoLi products inside the store

What are your Social Media handles so that our fans can follow you, too!

Facebook: @TotallyThomas

Instagram: @TotallyThomasToys

visitors inside the store

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