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October 15, 2018

In typical water cooler fashion, we are always discussing current obsessions and swapping recommendations on shows and movies here at ZoLi HQ.  There are so many great shows to watch these days and sometimes too many to sift through so we thought we would help distill it by sharing some of our favorites on the blog! We hope you enjoy reading through our favorites - make sure to comment your most binge-worthy shows below as well!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Amazon Movie

 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - This had popped up on my Amazon feed but I had written it off based on the title alone until it won eight Emmy's last month and my group of girlfriends told me to watch it.  By the end of the first episode, I was hooked.  I loved the snappy repartee that is the signature of the show creators - Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino ( think Gilmore Girls).  Set in late 1950s, Midge is a young wife and mother of two living a happy existence until her life is suddenly upended when her husband leaves her for his secretary.  The story follows Midge post-breakup and how she accidentally becomes a standup comic.  It's smart, clever and completely addicting.  Definitely binge-worthy. 

~ Juli 

Maniac Netflix Original Series

I'm watching Maniac (a Netflix series) - This showed up on a Netflix feed as the top banner ad. Overall, I didn't really like it - just got sucked into it and hoped it would get better!  The series is about a couple depressed folks who's virtual lives get intertwined. 

~ Chet

New Girl Series Watch Now

I've been round two-ing New Girl on Fox lately! I had already watched the series in college but decided to watch it again with my boyfriend who hadn't seen any of the episodes. The first time I watched it was because someone told me I was Schmidt from the show - I'm not sure if I should be offended or not after watching 😂 

It's about a group of roommates living in a loft, basically doing crazy roommate things! It's mostly centered around their different personalities and how they clash sometimes and work together other times. My description doesn't do the show justice, but I would recommend! 

~ Kristin

Mayans MC

I'm watching Mayans MC - Its a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy. Has to do with the ongoings of a Mexican motorcycle club in SoCal, and the younger brother of one of its members who is a prospect. I like how it showcases Actors of Mexican, and other Latin American descent, including Edward James Olmos.

~ Ismael

Grey's Anatomy

My favorite show has to be Grey's Anatomy - 
It started as a Thursday night bonding session with my sister when the show first came out, even though we were both too young to watch it. We would get so excited every time there was a new episode, & completely bummed when the season would finish. It became a tradition for us every Thursday night, even when we are apart to get on the phone and watch the newest episode at the same time even though we are split by a 3 hour time difference. I think we continue to watch it even now at season 15 because it makes us feel hopeful. The main characters go through real life obstacles (relationships, depression, injury, and personal lose), & makes it more desirable to watch when you can relate to yourself and experiences, even though I will never have the guts to become a surgeon. 

~ Kaitlyn










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