You've Been BOO'd!!

October 04, 2018

You've been BOOed!

It's October and time to get your neighbors and friends into the Halloween Spirit!!  All you need to do is BOO! them.  This is such a fun activity for your little ones to get them into the halloween spirit.  Here's how:

1. Have your kids pick 2 - 3  neighborhood friends to BOO
2. Prep 2 - 3 baskets or bags with some Halloween treats
3. Print out 2 - 3 BOO signs and instructions to include in the basket.  (Click on the image below to download printables.)

You've been BOOed download link

4. Head on out and secretly deliver the baskets with the sign and instructions on how to keep the BOO spirit going!

    Then sit back and see how many homes you have touched with the BOO spirit by the end of the month.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 🦇🧛🏻‍♂️

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